The Juicy Pink Cardigan

You may recall I stared playing with some Icelandic Plötulopi at the beginning of the month and how my notion of making something pretty in intricate lace fell by the wayside… The Juicy Pink Cardigan – details © Irene Lundgaard 2012 Instead I worked with the colour and was true to myself and my simple […]

A Lively Handbag

I have not exactly been going to bed early the last week or so and that is for a very good reason, if I may say so myself. I allowed myself to indulge in a spot of my all time favourite crochet discipline, namely tapestry crochet. I have harboured the idea for a colourful handbag […]

The Texture Of My Colour Pallet

I often dream of experimenting with textures in crochet but I never get much further than using pretty stitch combinations – if I even get that far. I have seen wonderful cabled garments and Afghans or blankets crochet with deep textures and even crochet cables a la Aran sweaters and I find it very pretty. […]

Bagging A Pattern

The Bonbon Bag pattern is slowly but truly shaping up. I am working the second version at the moment to ensure that the stitch count is right, so far it’s looking OK. Bonbon Bag © Irene Lundgaard 2011 I have chosen a different colour-way this time, just because I could and soon the pattern will […]

Bagged Some Bonbon

We present the first Finished Object of 2011, the Year of Craft! I knitted this Bonbon Bag over the last couple of days, but only got around to doing the fulling today. This is very much an experiment as I am somewhat a puritan when it comes to felting. To me proper felting is done […]

A Riotous Bag Of Colour

I have been eyeing up this  Filzi yarn from German Schoeller + Stahl made specifically for fulling, for quite some time. I just never really had the time for the inspiration to come by and take the craving for the yarn very far. However, these in-between days where I don’t have to be anywhere at […]

Jenna’s Good Vibes Head Band

We are still stuck in the snow with sub zero temperatures all day, although the icicles have melted somewhat at the front of the house. Today was stunning though, with clear blue skies and crisp frost on all the trees. Proper winter, just the way we like it us wool lovers! Winter Colour Inspiration © […]

Granny A Go-Go

My Granny Square affair is red hot … Granny A Go-Go Yummy Yarn Affair © Irene Lundgaard 2010 Granny A Go-Go Head Band © Irene Lundgaard 2010 Granny A Go-Go Slouchy Hat © Irene Lundgaard 2010 All stock for the Fair in just over a week! Much woollies needed these days!

Releasing Some Heat

I finally got around to actually releasing the pattern for Serena’s Neck Cowl. It’s warm and wintry and it’s a simple enough knit. The yarn is really doing all the work; not only is the yarn pretty in the colouring, but it’s also soft and warm around the neck and the rib makes it nice […]

Cabled Mittens And A Bit About Donkeys

I have this weekend free from commitments other than the ones that I have to myself and the household I live in. I love having a couple of days like that and it means that I finally had time to do calculations on the Lazy Cable Fingerless Mittens from last week and to double check […]