International Crochet Month

March has for some years now been declared Crochet Month Of The Year in the US – and some of us have embraced this and see it as an International Crochet Month. I thought I would celebrate, not just by crocheting all day every day for the month of March (and the rest of the […]

The Power Of Crochet Flowers

I teach crochet classes in the Market Square building right in the centre of Tinahely, Co Wicklow. At the bottom of the steps the Tinahely ICA erected a granite bench for people to congregate at for at chat. Behind the bench there is a tree – a tree that I appear to have “something” for… […]

The Feast Of Hearts

In Denmark we call Christmas the Feast Of Hearts and I hope you will have a feast in yours along with all the hearts you love the most! With this little animation by Donal, I wish you a Happy Crochet Christmas! I know mine will be!

Animated Times

I am privileged to be sharing my life with Donal, he is one of the most talented musicians and recording artists I know. His lyrics tell wonderful stories and the tunes are never “run of the mill”. I admire his determination and not least his musical talent. It is a privilege to be surrounded by […]

Propping Up Asterix & Obelix

A year ago I was approached by the Set Designer of the new “Asterix & Obelix: On Her Majesty’s Service” movie. Parts of the movie were filmed on location here in Ireland and crochet was needed for some of the props. I was excited and delighted to be approached, particularly when I realized I had […]

Free Form Crochet Fun

One of the great joys of my life is when I get a chance to prepare something new for my crochet classes. Sometimes it’s just a description of a technique that needs to be smartened up a bit or it can just be new inspiration both for my pupils and for myself. At the moment […]

Sheep Spring Back Into Action

It’s sheep time again. It was only just a year ago that I destroyed my poor hands on peat bricket bailer twine and polythene bags to decorate my sheep “All Fake Fur…” for the Tinahely Sheep Flock by the Tinahely Arts Group – the sheep that was then stolen… Yes, there are very many sad […]

A Developing Woman

The journey a hook and a ball of yarn can bring a woman on is mind-boggling. I am on such a journey at the moment. It started with the fact that March is International Crochet Month and I promised myself that I would have a dedicated piece of crochet to work on throughout the month. […]

The Rhythm Of Crochet

A while ago, (a year to be exact, I have just been reliably told, cough-cough! How time flies!) I was given a gorgeous and very inspiring gift. I was given a piece of crochet music. Donal wrote a pretty little tune for me all inspired by the rhythm of my crochet hook. Honestly, it doesn’t […]

A Real Christmas Pixie

I finished my pixie hat over the weekend, or “nisse hat” as we would call it in Denmark and today my real life “nisse niece” appeared in the most moving little sequence of trapeze art, that she does at the Circus Factory in Denmark. She is as strong as an ox that child! What with […]