Tunisian crochet

Tunisian Stripes

Man, did I have fun with colour last night?! Note: Tunisian Crochet swatch worked in Kilcarra Aran Tweed.

The Owl Bag

I had this notion of making a summer bag in Tunisian Simple Stitch, so I did… It is not an unconditional success, but it does have potential, I just need a way to firm it up, once I find that, it’s not at all a bad ‘auld’ bag. The bag is worked in Létt-Lopi from […]

Pinning Down Tunisian Crochet

I couldn’t resist to check out a little fun spiral tea pot holder in Tunisian Crochet for the class on Saturday. This is my first sample, it’s nearly there, but I would like the centre to be neater and believe I have found a way. Then I worked a swatch of colour, just for fun […]

Tunisian Brew

These are some of the ingredients for the next class at The Yarn Room which is Tunisian Crochet. It’s non-alcoholic and completely safe and I have just thought of a fun way to play with colours in the simple stitch. I wonder what I can make of it, if I use some other stitches. Watch […]

Completed Northern Vessel

I completed the Northern Vessel the other morning and it turned out to be quite firm. My idea with turning over the rim a couple of inches and sewing it in was just the right move and gave the right firmness. I also think that reversing the colours on the inside is a nice little […]

Sunshine In The Rain

After a couple of weeks or three of being here, there and yonder I finally made it to The Yarn Room yesterday for a fix of bright yarnie spirits and colourful wool. Much has needed to be discussed for a while and hooks needed exercising among like minds too. As I roared up to the […]

Northern Vessel

Long journeys by car with a willing chauffeur are simply pure heaven for a yarnie. It leaves miles and miles of yarn opportunities just ready to be spent with implements in hand. I was recently in Belfast and grabbed the opportunity of the long journey to work out Tunisian crochet in the round properly and […]

I Love Ravelry

Ravelry is the most exiting thing ever for a yarnie. If you don’t already know it then get to know it. It’s a web community for people who are passionate about fibres and yarns. It is a wealth of information on how to do all sorts of yarn related things, it is a fountain of […]

I’m Seriously Hooked

It is an absolute joy to work in the Tunisian Crochet technique. I am so delighted that I have worked out how to work in the tubular shape, it opens all sorts of wonderful opportunities and I can’t wait to get going on some of all of my ideas. It’s just that I have very […]