Public Art

Sheep Unleashed

The last few days were hectic as the deadline for the Tinahely Sheep Flock was looming. I had to complete my contributions and as I was not working in crochet but with paint on metal I found it a bit stressful, to be honest – but mostly a fun challenge… Doily The Sheep and Origin […]

My Sheep Is Missing

I met with one of the very vigilant shepherds of the Tinahely Sheep Flock yesterday morning who told me that my sheep (All Fake Fur) had been stolen from it’s base. It was last seen Wednesday evening. I felt sad and I felt glad that I had the experience of the process of making it, […]

Tinahely Sheep Flock Exhibition

We are all set for the exhibition opening of the Tinahely Sheep Flock which happens on Friday April 29th at 6.30 pm in the Market Square in Tinahely, Co Wicklow. Here is a wee preview before the event… Tinahely Sheep Flock by TAG – detail Great craic altogether!

Feeling Sheepish All Day

I am rather deeply infiltrated in the woolly fleece of a public art project to be launched here in Tinahely, Co Wicklow on Friday April 29th in connection with the annual Tinahely Walking Festival. I’m a member of the  The Tinahely Arts Group, which is a collaborative of artists and craft people working together and […]

Hyperbolic Crochet

Currently The Irish Reef is is on show at The Greenhouse in Dublin and we are delighted that The Reef is out of storage and on view for everyone to enjoy. This is The Insitute for Figuring’s fantastic ode to maths and the fragile coral reefs in our oceans. I facilitated and coordinated some of […]