Blue Morph

Have A Crochet New Year

I have had the most fantastic year in crochet with very exciting happenings, fun workshops and not least many creative crocheters hatched. Asterix & Obelix, Blue Morph and the Tinahely Sheep Flock © Irene Lundgaard 2012 It has been a year of statement crochet and even the year where my crochet hit the big screen, […]

Blue Morph Crochet Hat

Today saw the launch of the Blue Morph hat at the Science Gallery in Dublin as part of their intriguing Magical Materials exhibition based on nano technology. I crochet the hat in it’s current incarnation based loosely on the original crochet version. I had the privilege of meeting with Victoria Vesna last Thursday at the […]

Hands Morphing Into Shovels

For the last week I have been crocheting like a demon and I have been having the jazziest time. Love jazz,don’t you? I have only broken one hook and I have probably also accelerated a touch of arthritis in my hands but most importantly, I have had the best fun for a very long time […]