Tunisian Vest With Sleeves-to-be

I love the texture of Tunisian Crochet and not least the colour options, they are near to endless.


A good while back I started this vest in tubular Tunisian Crochet but never really finished it. It is worked in Lett Lopi on hook size 9 to avoid it being too heavy as the fabric becomes quite dense in Tunisian.


I never finished the vest as I couldn’t really decide what to do with it. The current weather has made me see the light though. I definitely need to make some sleeves for it. Once they are done it will be the warmest garment ever. It was my intention to work out a pattern for it, but I have mislaid my notes and that to me is a sign that this is meant to be just a once off garment. One day, I may set to work on another one and I may even manage to remember where I have my notes for it…

7 responses to “Tunisian Vest With Sleeves-to-be”

  1. Monika says:

    It looks great though. Maybe a jacket would be great in this stitch? It looks kind of woven, and the colors are gorgeous.

  2. Irene says:

    Monika, Tunisian is great for outer garments like jackets. The fabric is so dense and heavy and somewhat rigid like a weave. The only way to introduce a bit of stretch to it is by working on a rather larger hook than for normal crochet.

    I LURV the colours in this one and I ADORE the colour change possibilities in Tunisian! It is simply magic! Give it a go!

  3. Serena says:

    Irene, i LOVE this! The colours are fab. My name will be down for next Tunisian class!

  4. Irene says:

    Serena, you will love it!

  5. That looks SO my size. What a coincidence! 😉

  6. Irene says:

    Teewee, d’ya know wha’? It actually is. I made it in a medium rather than a large as I was trying to work out a pattern. However, I have mislaid my notes and erhhh, chances are that I will never make another one and it will probably never fit me and that… 😉

  7. Oh the joys of having such a talented sister. 🙂