The Irish Crochet Coral Reef Is Born

My teeth are brushed and my feet are washed, essentials for a Coral Reefer at the end of a long day. You see, reefers eat delicious chocolate buns and work in sock feet all day long so the cleaning of both teeth and feet are essential at the end of another day’s work!

The Reefers at work:

The table is nearly empty…

Fixing a detail…

Toxic Reefers at work…

The nitty-gritty…

The last two days were inspiring beyond belief. The camaraderie of working hard together on making the Crocheters of Ireland’s wonderful work shine has been true to the human spirit of can-do! We have learnt a lot about how not to make a reef, had we had the experience that we have now from the beginning there are many things we would have done differently. No matter, Crocheters of Ireland, take a bow. You have created the most charming coral reef that just needs a wee tweak from the experts, Margaret & Christine Wertheim and we riggers just know that their input will most certainly not do our reef any harm. A reef we could not have managed to build had it not been for the help and encouragement from the staff at the Science Gallery who even made it through town today (crossing O’Connell Street at midday) with a roll of garden wire for us…

Come to the Science Gallery to try and spot your own piece of reef and to take a close look at the reality of our crazy consumerism in the toxic reef, not to mention the maths of Hyperbolic shapes.  And don’t forget, you can submit pieces of coral to the Science Gallery for the Irish Reef throughout the exhibition.

I want to thank The Reefers, you have given of your time completely unselfishly and you have poured your cheek and your spirit into this joint project wholeheartedly, helping others to shine. You have shown solidarity, friendship and you have been overbearing and simply just fantastic. Thank you, from the bottom of my very very humble heart.

Note: View a few more photos here.

2 responses to “The Irish Crochet Coral Reef Is Born”

  1. Moira Jones says:

    It has been the best and most exhausting fun. Carol has made a Facebook page to enthuse those in that world. thanks for all the energy and extraordinary effort.

  2. Irene says:

    Moira, thank you…