Spring-colour Tangle

Spring has definitely sprung. The daffodils are nodding prettily tête-a-tête in my garden-wilderness and the birds are courting and nesting galore.

IMG_0579smallSpring-colour Tangle

Spring even found it’s way to my Tunisian hook too. The spring-colour tangle in the picture is a Neck Wedge I had left to it’s own devises for a while and basically given up on but then I tried it on the other day when the sun was out but with a definite nip in the air. Experience tells me that it will be nippy for another while and the Neck Wedge might just keep a cold at bay. I then realized I had a remnant of the severe green Artesano Aran and thought I would make another pair of fingerless mittens. Once they were done I realized that there might be enough of the Schoppel Wolle Pur for another little neck warmer ideal for golfers, or so my golfing relations tell me, so out came the yellow Artesano Aran remnant from the yellow fingerless mittens. And here I am, almost done with a pile of Spring-colour Tangle to keep me warm, and who knows, that Neck Wedge might even find it’s way onto paper…

Note: Nic, the master of cables and lacy Miss Potter mittens came up with the Wedge name idea, for that I am grateful! Oh, I just re-realized she has me tagged for a bit of Hodge Podge… Better get going.

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3 responses to “Spring-colour Tangle”

  1. FUUR. says:

    Do makker i e vår Wanda.

  2. FUUR. says:

    Do makker i e vår Wanda.
    Pæn ud.

  3. Tija says:

    tunesian is something i still haven’t learned.. will have to start though. because your spring-color Tangle looks wonderful! love the weave effect!