The Finer Details of Science

The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef made it to the Irish Times yesterday managing to capture another one of the hot topics of the moment as I see in the world news section that the Chagos Island is being made a Marine Protected Area. If our Woolly Wonder will help raise further awareness of the effects our lifestyle choices have on our planet, every single tight crochet stitch has paid for itself by the yard.


The journalist, Sylvia Thompson, sums up The Woolly Wonder in the best of ways and she even quotes me and she even quotes me accurately although, the finer details are a bit lost, so for anybody who may be offended by my stating that the project is a very female take on science, I actually do mean that, as crochet is historically a very female occupation. I mean, 3000 women has contributed and three men; the figures speak for themselves.

However, what the quote does not specify is the fact that this project has made it possible for non-mathematical people to approach science from a handicraft angle rather than a theoretical angle. As Margaret Wertheim so eloquently puts it “… an alternative way of doing things: The Play Tank where people can engage with the highest level of computing, maths and logic by physically playing with ideas”. That, is the aspect of this entire project that appeals so much to me but I also must state that I do realize that very many women come to this with their science mind first and their hands second or with the two in unison, I just don’t. The most important aspect is that we are doing it together, in harmony, sustaining each other, just like a coral reef sustains so very many diverse lifeforms.

And now, back to the world of no internet access and corresponding red hot crochet hook!

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