Modelling The Miniatures

I am doing the Design Your Own Poncho class tomorrow morning and a bit of inspiration managed to run off the hook over the last week or two. Some I like, some I love, some I’m not too sure about but one thing is for sure, I’ve seen the light when it comes to the wearability of ponchos. They are great as they keep you warm in just the right places but still allow air to flow.

CollageDesign Your Own Poncho Inspiration Models
© 2010 Irene Lundgaard

I look forward to seeing what creativity they come up with tomorrow!
After the poncho class it’s on to the Tunisian Class. I LURV Tunisian Crochet, just sayin’!

Note: A couple of the patterns are inspired by Liselotte Weller’s wonderful Bellflower sweater, which I cannot praise enough. Go see for yourself, right here!

2 responses to “Modelling The Miniatures”

  1. FUUR. says:

    Smart måde at lave modeller.
    Duddine gør ligeså,
    bruger dukker, når hun er på messe,
    de fylder ingenting, når bilen
    skal pakkes.

  2. Irene says:

    Det er nemlig rigtig smart at lave modeller på den måde!