Blue Sky Wrap

Iceland is much on the map at the moment and unfortunately, it’s not always for a good reason what with the collapsed economy and Eyjafjallajökull sending ash plumes into the atmosphere causing havoc to much travel. I have dreamt of visiting Iceland ever since I was on the Faeroe islands. The rather hot underground of Iceland fascinates me and I would love to visit those hot springs.

IMG_1918smallBlue Sky Wrap © 2010 Irene Lundgaard

At the moment I can’t make it to Iceland so I have decided to invite Iceland into my life here in Ireland instead and in an attempt to show Eyjafjallajökull a bit of goodwill and in the hope that it’s rage will soon stop, I work in many balls of the most pretty sky blue Ístex Einband, it’s pure Icelandic lace-weight wool and it’s slowly but truly being worked into a huge shawl of Blue Sky that I will just love to wrap around my shoulders both summer and winter. I am really enjoying crocheting this and it was nice to work out the pattern to get a balanced fabric. I really hope Eyjafjallajökull is tuned into my frequency.

I have yet again realized that I am more about process than product but that’s another post worth of words…

For eye witness account of life with Eyjafjallajökull check out Harpa’s blog where she writes frequently about living with volcanoes – and knitting!

One response to “Blue Sky Wrap”

  1. Nic says:

    Oh that’s beautiful. Eyjafjallajökull will have blue skies now!