The Plot Thickens Hyperbolically

I often wondered how I managed to become so deeply submerged in the woolly wonder of the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. The whole project has spoken to something deep inside of me from the word go. My free spirit, my love of the sea, my structured mind, my creativity, my sense of flow, my sense of community and of the environment and the earth and the sea, my sense of colour and shape and not least, my deep love of crochet. It’s all speaking to me, as it were.

IMG_0452smallYesterday, while gardening in the yummy weather we are having these days, I thought some more about the people who went before me and I thought of my grandmothers, both of whom were creative women and fine crocheters, and not least my mother, crocheter and florist; and her grandmother. That is four generations of crocheters – it must be in my DNA somehow. And I thought how I would have loved to have had my mother along when we were constructing the reef. She would have seen all these pieces of beautiful work as flowers ready to be picked and arranged in natural formations, something I have been exposed to all my life through her.

I thought about the influence of the sea on my life from the word go as I grew up on a small Danish island rich in fossils from tropical waters many millions of years ago; an island of very interesting geology and through which I knew hyperbolic shapes even without knowing… Well, we all do really particularly in this weather where the menu, in this household anyway, is mainly hyperbolic lettuce.

Today yet another aspect thickened the plot severely as new research suggest that the the coral larvae when hatched use the music of the reef and ‘”dance” their way towards their new homes.’ You see, my home is one full of music, what with Dónal being a music maker and thereby charming the larvae from my hook to live and grow right here.

IMG_0175smallThat one nailed it for me, it is something in the very core of my life that has propelled this fantastic project in my direction. Perhaps I am reading too much into very little, but when I sit back with the hook and chew it over, it all makes perfect sense in the most humbling and awe inspiring way.


Note: Visit the Science Gallery to see the beautiful Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef which is on display there until June 11th. Don’t forget you can be in the presence of the great mind behind hyperbolic crochet, Dr. Daina Taimina’s  on June 2nd at 18.30 at her lecture at Science Gallery, Dublin.

2 responses to “The Plot Thickens Hyperbolically”

  1. 🙂 Thank your for that wee journey. I felt like a mermaid taking it all in on my journey. 🙂

  2. Irene says:

    It was lovely having you along with me! <3