The Fat Bowl

Some time last autumn one of my favorite yarnies in the whole wide world gave me a ball of yarn from Ingrid Wagner, which in effect was  felted material cut into even strips. I was also given the gift of a size 35 mm crochet hook by Stephanie… I wonder if it was a conspiracy?

Anyway, I tried the size 35 mm hook on the cloth yarn, but the fabric was too lose and I didn’t like it, so I left everything to one side although  all these materials inspired me to making my cushion covers out of ‘tyarn’ (t-shirt yarn) yesterday.

IMG_1971smallThe Fat Bowl © 2010 Irene Lundgaard

When I finished the cushion covers yesterday I started to work on ‘The Fat Bowl’ which is improvised and worked in the Ingrid Wagner yarn. I worked it on a size 15 mm hook this time and all of a sudden the yarn came into it’s own. It made a structural, dense fabric and was just ideal for making a yarn bowl out of.

I love it and feel another look in the t-shirt drawer coming on…

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