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Feast Of Summer Crochet

IMG_2307smallStrawberries and cream are simply just utter summer to me, so I stopped at one of the many roadside outlets selling Wexford strawberries and bought myself a punnet or two. I had a hard time not just devouring them there and then, but I contained myself and waited until I got home to the cool cream in the fridge. Strawberries and cream really are a marriage made in heaven and one day I might just get my act together and start growing my own. In the meantime I’m very happy with the efforts of the Wexford fruit farmers for growing such sweetness!

IMG_2298smallCrochet Strawberries & Hyperbolic Cream © 2010 Irene Lundgaard

While I was eating the fruit of June I got a notion that it must be possible to crochet strawberries and cream and thereby growing my own of sorts. The Cushendale DK was to hand and I set to work making the bowl for this summer crochet feast, I even gave it a little frilly edge, just because… I thought that Ístex Einband was a natural choice for the cream as well as the strawberries and the greenery was made in a bit of mercerized crochet cotton. I made the cream hyperbolic, naturally and I crochet the strawberries into the curly twists and turns of the crochet cream.

Did I have fun? Did I have fun!  And how I love June for her crop of this divine berry.

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Når du kommer hjem,
lover jeg, du får jordbær,
der er groet i en eller anden have.
Med fløde.

Dana, we have The Galways Races coming up here… Perhaps I should give it a whirl!

Fuur, jeg glæder mig rigtig meget!

Emily, first of all welcome on board! As for the eating, I’ll leave that to you with the woolly variety! 😉

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