Peace & Quiet Under The Needle-work

I have been off gallivanting over the last couple of weeks and managed to gather an impression of the Vikings woolly adventures on my journey. I went to stay a couple of nights at the Vingsted Historical Centre in Denmark with a bunch of friends and we completely invaded the Textile Workshop they have there. A workshop full of replicas of all things textile from the Iron age. (Both links in Danish).

At the Historical Centre they also have replica houses and artefacts from archaeological finds from around Denmark which we got the opportunity to visit too.

Needle-worked Roofing


The early Vikings were an industrious lot (and ever so slightly violent…) and managed to keep themselves warm and snug under thatched roofs too. I grew up in a thatched house and was completely at home in the silence of the rooms in these clay houses. As a matter of fact, the house I grew up in resembled these long houses the only difference being windows and other mod cons. I wonder if the Vikings appreciated the peace and quiet of the thatch?

The ‘iron-agers’ seems to have had an understanding of wool and they were a weaving lot too. Many impressions of iron-age wool work were on display in the various houses we visited. There was samples of Needle Binding too, a technique native to Scandinavia, but that requires a separate post.

IMG_2470smallGingham Iron Age Style



Much woollen creativity was on display! What a place! What inspiration!

Note: If you are ever in Denmark and would like to play with wool early Viking-style you can contact the Vingsted Historical Centre and get their schedule for workshops. You might even like to try and live like the Vikings with overnight stays and home ground porridge on the side! Well, it’s an option! 😉

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