Flopsy Dahlia Sun Hat

I am born an optimist and I think making a sun hat these days proves that point to the full. It ain’t exactly sun we are gifted with in Ireland these days, nor is it heat. Nevertheless, I crochet this ladies sun hat, just because I could. I wanted to test the texture that a discreet bit of mesh would do on a hat and I think it works.

IMG_3516smallFlopsy Dahlia Sun Hat © Irene Lundgaard 2010

I have worked the hat in Cushendale 4ply on a size 4.5 mm hook. It’s worked top down and the floppy brim is worked on a size 3.5 mm hook to make it more rigid. I adorned it with a big fluffy Dahlia-like flower, just because I could. Well, as a matter of fact, it’s more like just because I couldn’t help myself…

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I have loaded a few more photos on Flickr which can be seen right here. Now I just hope that Met Éireann are right when they say that a high pressure is due later in the week. It might just, with a bit of optimistic luck, bring some sunshine and a reason to air the hat.

Note: If enough interest is shown in the hat, I will make up the pattern. Please drop me a message if you think I should make this pattern available.

IMG_3516smallFlower Flopsy Sun Hat © Irene Lundgaard 2010

5 responses to “Flopsy Dahlia Sun Hat”

  1. FUUR. says:

    Nå nå, man fører sig vel frem.
    Den hat,
    ville Engelst bedste have elsket.
    Den er bare smart Wanda.

  2. Irene says:

    TAK! Jeg tror også bedste ville have kunnet lide den, nu du siger det. Det havde jeg slet ikke tænkt på.

    Den var fed at lave og sjov. Især blomsten, synes du ikke også den ligner en dahlia?

  3. Sinéad says:

    Love the hat, how did you do the brim? Perfect for beach weather, if we ever get any 😉

  4. FUUR. says:

    Jo jeg har een,
    som snart springer ud.
    Hatten er elegant,
    uden at være prangende.

  5. Clodagh says:

    I love this! Fair dues for creating such a beautiful hat. I’d absolutely love the pattern, if you have time?