It’s Heart Work

IMG_9754smallI started crocheting Bags Of Romance in Tapestry Crochet a couple of weeks ago and they turned out to be real cute, if I may so myself. It would be more accurate to call them purses but that just doesn’t roll off the tongue very well. They turned out so cute that I went on another one of my obsessive compulsive crochet trips and made a heap and I thought this Valentine’s Day would be appropriate for sharing my latest labour of love here. I have included a little clever ring in the picture to give an idea of scale. I got the ring on Etsy from tinahdee she makes jewellery out of recycled silver. Tina was the one to coin the phrase Heart Work…

I made a few of the little pouches with the button, one drawstring bag for keeping treasures in and over the weekend I got stuck into a bigger purse, the one with the darker green colour included. I am having great fun improvising the sections of pattern designs as I go which means my canvas is completely blank at all times although I do complete a section at a time. My free spirit has a preference for this approach and that goes for everything I make, really.

IMG_9761smallBags Of Romance © Irene Lundgaard 2011

Yes, some people would find it hard work to work tapestry crochet on a size 2 mm hook, to me it’s pure heart work though.
The alert reader may also have noticed I have ‘a thing’ with hearts. I find the shape so harmonious and well rounded. Perhaps I will put these up for sale some day, although some of them will definitely be given away as presents to loved ones. I know of both a recent engagement and a wedding just around the corner too. A little pouch with semi-precious stones of romance is one idea that I am toying with for a romantic present…

Happy Hearty Valentine’s Day!

Note: In other news, I found out today that I was nominated for the Irish Blog Awards 2011. That’s exciting! And thank you very much for the nomination, whoever you are!

6 responses to “It’s Heart Work”

  1. Marianne Jørgensen says:

    Kaere Irene – det er nogle helt igennem fantastisk fine bags of romance du har kreeret! Hold da op!
    Jeg er sikker paa, du sender en til Kate og William – hahahaha…
    Finder du paa at komme til Fur engang i löbet af aaret, så vil jeg meget meget gerne se og köbe af dine fine tasketingester!! De kan helt sikkert saelges for en god god pris…
    forresten – hvorfor er I saa kreative, jer Lundgaard-töser??
    kh og tillykke med nomineringen –
    Marianne te Kjeldgaards

  2. Bionic Laura says:

    I love your heart bags! They’re lovely. I love your tapestry crochet, I can see why you heart it so much.

  3. Sinéad says:

    Love the bags, they look fab!
    And congrats on the nomination!

  4. The bags are amazing and as for the nomination – LOOK AT YOU!!! Congratulations. I hope you win and Oscar!

  5. FUUR. says:

    Har omsider ,tror jeg nok,
    lært af største barnebarn,
    oversættelse. Man er ny i faget, ang IT.
    Ikke i det med hækle og strik.
    Ligesom jeg bedre kan følge med nu.
    Tillykke med nomineringen.
    Det bliver spændende,
    når skal på podiet
    og modtage din “OSCAR”
    Oscar eller ej,
    tillykke med det hele søde.

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