Breaking The Mould With Flowers

The work table at The Yarn Room was hopping with yarn and hooks and laugh and good humour this afternoon. We basically broke the crochet mould today by having our first Crochet Flower Class there and everyone even went home with a lovely home made flower.

See for yourself :

Thanks to The Crochet Sisterhood, The Record Holding Visitor To The Yarn Room and not least The Apple Sharer for a lovely afternoon and special thanks to Stephanie for providing such a nice, inspiring and bright venue.

While you enjoy the pictures, I’ll get going with the material for the workshop next Saturday, which is Tunisian Crochet.

4 responses to “Breaking The Mould With Flowers”

  1. chicwithstix says:

    What a lovely venue; so cosy and comfy…

  2. Irene says:

    Fáilte Chicwithstix, the venue is bright and airy and happy and cosy and the crocheters were good humoured, able and fun. The combination of the too was pure bliss!

    Have you been for a visit yet?

  3. You are so taking me there next time I come over. I can’t believe the amount of light!

  4. Irene says:

    When exactly is next time, is what I want to know?… 😉