A Gifted Woman

It was my birthday back in April, a fact that I usually dismiss and unceremoniously cancel due to lack of interest. However, as it happened, my birthday fell on a workday at The Yarn Room. Not only a workday but during the Thursday evening Knit Club and every knitter I know love an excuse for having cake, and the knitters at Knit Club are no exception… Stephanie had organized a birthday cake for me, so much for my cancelling due to lack of interest! I didn’t get the chance even!

Omlet from Mairead small 2

The lovely Mairead was there too. Mairead is probably the most gifted knitter I know. She will turn her hand to anything and everything, her tension is always just right, her choice of yarn for any given pattern is executed to perfection and her knitting is simply just superb. Lace, cable, Fair Isle, you name it, she does it! And she crochets too! Mairead had worked a pretty little shawl called Omelet by Joyce Fassbender which appeared in the Spring-Summer 2011 Knitty in the very attractive Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball Lace  Weight and she had it with her on the night. I was showing it around to all the other knitters who were doing their, touch, smell, look, Uhhh and Awh thing. And when it returned to my hands, do you know what, I was privileged to be gifted this gem of a little shawl as a birthday present!
Thank you Mairead, from the bottom of my heart! I love wearing it!


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