The Texture Of My Colour Pallet

I often dream of experimenting with textures in crochet but I never get much further than using pretty stitch combinations – if I even get that far. I have seen wonderful cabled garments and Afghans or blankets crochet with deep textures and even crochet cables a la Aran sweaters and I find it very pretty. I also often dream of going mad with free-form scrumble crochet a la Prudence Mapstone. As a matter of fact, I should have been at one of her workshops last year here in Ireland but had to cancel as the date clashed with one of The Irish Reef workshops at the time and I ended up never really taking flight in that particular discipline either.

I have come to realize that my true love is colour and that texture is secondary to me in the sense that the yarn will provide that, if the right yarn is chosen for any given project, that is. I feel no need to make texture in any fabric other than what is possible to do in colour. Having said that, some of the most beautiful knitwear I have ever seen was cables worked in lace-weight yarn. So perhaps my true love is fine yarn with colours or textures rather than big chunky yarn…

Muliticoloured Tapestry Crochet Bag Pretty Colours © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I was mulling all this over while I was working on a much needed tea cosy replacement for our teapot. The one we have is in a very very sorry state and should probably have been changed years ago but I also appreciate the beauty of dilapidation; I reckon you are forced to come to that realization at a certain age ;), hence the more dead than alive tea cosy state of affairs in this household.

Like most ‘yarnies’, I am fairly well stocked when it comes to yarn stash and I decided that I would limit myself to using remnants in Aran weight yarn only for the new tea cosy, I also wanted to work it in some simple tapestry crochet to utilise the thickness of that fabric and I just made up what you see above as I went along. What fascinates me is the colour pallet I had in my remnants. I never wear brown, I hardly ever wear orange or green, and have never actually knit or crochet a garment in red. But still, the colours were there in my stash. And that’s the whole thing with colour, you can’t just use the ones that you love the most, you need to use the colours that you mightn’t use normally or even ones you dislike to really get the contrast which makes the texture of colour. It really is fascinating.

As for the tea cosy, I have actually decided to turn it into a handbag. The colours and textures are just right for a handbag and I think I have some wooden vintage handles somewhere that would just make it the perfect funky bag… And yes, I’m back to the drawing board with that tea cosy, fortunately the dilapidated one is still about the place…

7 responses to “The Texture Of My Colour Pallet”

  1. Monika says:

    I love what you have so far, and can see the bag in my minds eye. There are some color combinations I really like, like the light blue and brown, the green and orange, the light blue and red, so lovely.

  2. Mairin says:

    I love the colours. I think it will be a great bag, and should get more admiration than as a humble tea cosy!

  3. That’s so pretty – much like tapestry.

  4. Irene says:

    Monika, I love cheeky colour combinations, it’s the cheek that does it for me. Every time! 😉

    Mairin, I went on the hunt for afore mentioned vintage wooden handles last night and they can’t be found, so I’m really back to the drawing board, unless they are in the bag, that I didn’t check – yet… Only time will tell.

    TeeWee, it is tapestry, it’s just done in crochet rather than the embroidered or woven variety. Magic!

  5. Nic says:

    There aren’t enough words. So I’ll say nuthin’. I’ll just sit here and sigh happily.


  6. FUUR. says:

    Pæn ud,

  7. Irene says:

    Nic, you are just a sweetheart, thank!!!

    Fuur, tak mama!