Hyperboles & A Graffitied Fire Engine

Corn on the cob from corn yarnI have finally landed after a hectic week of fun and games in Denmark. It was a family time, but never far away from fibre related matters at any given time. There was Circus by the children, there was an 8th birthday, a christening, walks by the beach and then there was a hyperbolic crochet class in Duddine’s Aladdin’s Cave of a wool shop. At the entrance to the shop Duddine has donkeys on the one side of the lane and a yarn graffitied tree on the other side. Donkey work

Further down the lane Duddine’s husband has all sorts of old farm machinery on display, I have a feeling that the philosophy is that  wives like their husbands to be occupied while they browse the wool shop…

One of the items on display is an old clapped out Fire Engine which Duddine has gotten the mad idea to cover in yarn graffiti. You meet the fire engine a bit further down the lane and Fire Engine To Be Yarn Grafittiednobody who enters the shop are allowed to walk out without being encouraged to participate in this fun yarn project and I was no exception, so I was given 4 balls of the sustainable LOL yarn from Marks & Kattens made from recycled water bottles.

hyperboles at Duddines Vævestue FurBut before I got down to the knitting I taught a hyperbolic crochet class to excited and attentive crocheters who took to it like ducks to water. I love sharing the magic of hyperbolic crochet, the technique just presses all the right creative buttons in everybody who come into contact with it. It’s magic. I love magic, particularly the yarn variety and not least when it happens in a yarn shop full of fun colours and sustainable yarns, which is what Duddine focuses on.

After the crochet, I had a couple of hours to knit a bit and I quickly ran up the best part of 3.5 balls of the grey LOL which is going to help cover the box for the fire hose, I believe.
Knitting a fire engine

The fire engine was not yet covered when I was still there, but I have since seen photos and a wee video of the start of the covering of it. ‘Tis great craic and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Knit a Fire Engine - Fur - DenmarkThanks to Knud Peder Jensen for the photo

If you click the photo, you can see the video too! And yes, that is a man on the right and yes, he is wearing a lovely wooden hat which he turned himself…

4 responses to “Hyperboles & A Graffitied Fire Engine”

  1. FUUR. says:

    Jeres “strikkestykker” dit og Tinas,
    er afleveret på rette sted.
    Jordbærfestival overstået,
    jordbærhuer strikket.

  2. Yay – thank you for the hyperbolic lesson. I now know why my crochet always started waving in about the fourth round! 🙂

  3. Irene says:

    Fuur, tak!!!

    TeeWee, I knew you’d get it!!! 😉

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