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Innocent Big Knit – Last Chance

The Innocent Big Knit 2011 really got my creative juices going. I ended up making a collection of miniature hats in Einband yarn from Istex. Every time I made a hat another one was queuing up to be made. I love when creativity flows like that.

These are examples of some of the hats I made. The plan is to have a vote on which five of the hats I should make into patterns for real people – if any at all.

Publication1Innocent Smoothie Big Knit Contribution
Irene Lundgaard 2011

The last chance for submissions this time around is on Friday 14th, so tomorrow will be delivery day for me. I also have the ones I ran up for the Tinahely Big Knit in September and I just realized that not all the ends are sewn away on those, so that’s my evening sorted!… Have you sent in your contribution yet?

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That is really great. I’ve seen some of these wee hats in parson so I can’t wait to vote on my fav five hats for real-size patterns. You NEVER cease to impress me!

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