The Innocence Of Charity

Innocent Big Knit by Irene Lundgaard in The Irish TimesThe Innocent Big Knit was on earlier in the year and what a great cause they raise money for. Age Action Ireland benefit every year from the hard work of very many knitters and crocheters around Ireland.

I was one of the contributors again this year and one of my little hats even made it to the back of The Irish Times. It doesn’t get any bigger than that!…

At the moment very many people in this country do not have much money to give to charity, but many are rich in time and perhaps this Christmas is the time to take some real Age Action and go and visit all our ageing neighbours and check that they are warm and snug.

And never mind that they got most of the facts wrong about my contribution in the ad. My hat was crochet not knit and my surname was mangled, but the hat is mine and it raised 25 cent for Age Action Ireland and hopefully some awareness too.

If Innocent Smoothies realized the work that goes into making these hats they might just raise the bar fiscally next year, but perhaps that wish is just a bit too innocent on my part…

Note: Picture borrowed from The Irish Times November 14th, 2011.

2 responses to “The Innocence Of Charity”

  1. WOW – not only do you exhibit at the Smithsonian, now featured in the Irish Times too. THAT’S MY SISTER!!! 🙂