A Spot Of Mending

Mending Bellflower by Irene LundgaardI started wearing my Watermelon Top in early January 2010. I love it, but I haven’t been wearing it all that much… You see, the car door “jumped at it” and tore two of the flowers loose and I never really got around to mending it. I knew I had a whole ball of the Poinsetta coloured Artesano Aran 4ply yarn somewhere but it did not exactly jump out of the stash when I went diving for it and instead of diving deeper I just left the pretty sweater to one side and fondled it a bit every time I came across it.

Today I am determined to make amends as I finally found the spare ball of yarn when I was stash diving a bit earlier. I have creepy-crawlies in my belly with the excitement, it’ll be almost as good as finishing a brand spanking new project. YAY!

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