A Thing About Colour

I think it’s safe to say that my “thing” is colour. For a long time I tried to fool myself into thinking it was texture but truth be told, my first love is colour! Full stop! Colours speak to me, they appeal to me, they inspire me.

In my mid-teens I took this to the Nth degree and did a lot of batik colouring. Among other things, I dyed a wonderful 3 meter long table cloth for my mother. It was my pride and joy for years to sit at her table with the “good China” placed on “my” table cloth. It was only used for special occasions. It lasted for years and years and I think she may even still have it at the bottom of a drawer…

Colourful autumn leaf november 2009 by Irene Lundgaard Natural Colour © Irene Lundgaard 2012

In my early twenties I worked in an after school care facility and did some natural dying with a bunch of kids. We went on field trips to collect nettles and whatever else took our fancy. I prepared yarn so the children would not be exposed to the chemicals and then we went down to the bottom of the playground with a pot of water, the yarn and the nettles and made a bonfire. Yarn dyeing Viking style-ish (without the urine)! It was fascinating and the kids thought it was fun and said the yarn looked like spaghetti in the pot.

And then life moved on and I put all this knowledge to one side; that is until last autumn when The Yarn Room offered up a natural dye workshop with Terry The Weaver from Wexford. I adore his work and jumped at the workshop as my inner dyer was re-awakened only to find that it clashed with a workshop I was giving myself. Big disappointment! But not for much longer. On Saturday I am joining Terry at The Yarn Room for a another natural dye workshop and I simply can’t wait! I have seen the result of what the participants in the first workshop did and they were so inspiring!

This time it’s my turn! Hedgerows beware!

5 responses to “A Thing About Colour”

  1. FUUR. says:

    Jeg har stadig dugen.
    Den ligger ikke på bunden af en skuffe,
    nej den er sommetider i brug, hver gang den er på bordet, tænker jeg, på
    dit store arbejde med den, SØDE.
    Jeg vil bruge den,
    næste gang du kommer hjem.
    Jeg ved ,den er lavet af
    et kærligt hjerte.
    Jeg er stadig MEGET glad for den.

  2. Gad vide om ikke mit navn er broderet bag paa, til den dag der skal deles. 😉

  3. Irene says:

    Fuur, det er utroligt hvis den stadig holder farven! Det var ren magi at lave den dug og det tog en hel dag!

    Tina, man kan aldrig vide … 😉

  4. Nic says:

    Enjoy the workshop, it sounds great. I’ll drop by and wave hello over the steaming vats of hedgerow harvest.

  5. FUUR. says:

    Hør i to høns,
    dugen, er sikkert slidt op,
    når jeg om MANGE MANGE år,
    forlader denne vidunderlige verden.
    Det bliver så jeres problem, at “dele” den.
    TÆNK, hvis dugen kunne fortælle de historier,
    den har hørt.
    Der er langet mange middage over bordet,
    med netop den dug på.