A Natural Dye Pot Tale

Saturday was such an inspiring day at The Yarn Room. Terry The Weaver sent us through the motions step by step and shared so very generously his knowledge. We ended up with four mordants; Copper, Alum, Tin and Iron which gave us a heap of different colour shades even-though we only used four different dyes.
Here is a picture cavalcade of the day:

A Lifetime of Essential Notes by Terry The Weaver photo Irene Lundgaard www.yarncalsses.com

Mordant pots photo Irene LundgaardReadying for the dye pot photo Irene Lundgaard

Crushing the beetles natural dyeing workshop january 2012 photo Irene LundgaardCochenile and willow bark natural dying workshop photo Irene Lundgaard

Logwood dye pot photo Irene Lundgaardsteaming hot dyed wool photo Irene Lundgaard

A day with natural dyeing - the result of our labour - photo Irene Lundgaard

Natural Dye Shop result yarn photo Irene Lundgaard

Natural Dye Workshop @ The Yarn Room.
All photos by Irene Lundgaard

We managed to gain all these colour from using four different mordants and four different dyes. We used Weld, Logwood, Willow Bark and Cochineal beetles and in true Yarn Room fashion a young man walked in on us who had just come home from South America where he had seen the beetles in the wild as silver covering on large cacti, and had watched how they were being harvested and used.

It was a magical day and I am eyeing up the pots in my kitchen for future adventures.

Soon I will be able to show my very first hank of drop spindle hand spun from raw fleece too! What a day!

2 responses to “A Natural Dye Pot Tale”

  1. Nic says:

    Sounds wonderful. A note to Donal ‘tho. Check out the colour of the pasta/rice coming from those kitchen pots just for safety. Some things are pesto and others are beetles. And I know what I’d rather eat!

  2. Irene says:

    HAHAHAHA! Nic, I hadn’t seen your comment! So far the pasta has not been noticeably discoloured… So far… Not much anyway!