Doily The Sheep

Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing some of the new sheep that will be on display in the Tinahely Sheep Flock by Tinahely Arts Group. The creativity is pure magic!

Meanwhile, I’m having fun preparing my two sheep for the Tinahely Sheep Flock which go on display next Saturday. I have been contemplating for some time what to do with my sheep, the lamb was already planned but the sheep is such a big canvas and I wanted to make something relevant to what I do. I contemplated crocheting a fleece for the poor naked sheep but decided against it as I would have to work in either ‘plarn’ or acrylics.

I did end up finding inspiration in my work as I’m preparing a talk on lace crochet at the moment and ended up taking my cue from that as “Doily The Sheep” is slowly taking shape!

Doily The Sheep - Tinahely Sheep Flock - Tinahely Arts Group - by Irene Lundgaard Doily The Sheep – Tinahely Sheep Flock
Tinahely Arts Group
© Irene Lundgaard 2012

Last night I spent time working on the doilies that are going to adorn this darling sheep and now I just hope the rain holds off while I work!

Note: The Tinahely Sheep Flock will be on display in the village of Tinahely for the summer. Official exhibition opening will be in connection with the annual Tinahely Walking Festival on Saturday April 14th @ 4.00pm on Dwyer Square, Tinahely. I hope you can join us for the event!

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