My Other Sheep

Yesterday I took the time tOrigin Of The Species- in context - Tinahely Sheep Flock - by Irene Lundgaardo get a couple of shots of my other sheep in it’s context in the village of Tinahely here in Co Wicklow. As you can see, the street was empty as everybody dove into the shops to avoid the heavy rain. Yesterday was a partial wet one – April showers indeed!

Origin Of The Species- Tinahely Sheep Flock - by Irene LundgaardOriginally I come from an island in Denmark called Fur, and island that is rich in fossils that literally come out of the ground. I have found fossils since I was a little girl and cannot cross a patch of gravel without throwing my eye over it to see if there is any “gold” to be found. My sheep reflect this heritage as sheep are part of the Artiodactyla family – which, to the best of my knowledge has their origin in the Osteichthyes fish family…

One way or another, my sheep is called ‘Origin Of The Species’. It’s a wee lamb. He is sitting right at the post box in Tinahely, keeping an eye.

4 responses to “My Other Sheep”

  1. Nic says:

    Lovely lamb hon. You’ve done wonderful Sheepy work!

  2. Liselotte says:

    Ha ha ha… du er dejligt tosset 🙂

  3. Oh, THAT family… ??? 😉

  4. Irene says:

    Nic, Ta Luv! I’ve had great fun being sheepish! 😉

    Liselotte, ja, du kender det jo fra dig selv! 😉

    Tina, exactly, the very one! 😉