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RTE Nationwide March 2012 - Irene LundgaardLast night I sat quietly and in my own world crocheting. The television was on and all of a sudden I saw what people have been telling me about. I saw my own face on TV.

Some weeks ago there was a feature on The Yarn Room on Nationwide on RTÉ, our national TV station here in Ireland, I featured very very briefly in the piece with very busy crocheting hands and a very big smile. These two items are now part of the trailer for Nationwide! Who would have thought that!

AND I’m in the print media too.

A while back I was approached by the Irish Quilting Magazine as they were featuring The Irish Reef in an article. Our wonderful Hyperbolic Crochet woolly wonder which is currently on display in The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew’s Street, Dublin 2 where ECO-UNESCO are doing trojan work to educate the masses on all things environmental. As a matter of fact, they are having their ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards Showcase and Awards Ceremony next week.

The Greenhouse is a great central place for the Reef to be on display! If you haven’t seen The Irish Reef yet, I strongly encourage you to go and take in the beautiful work of 100 Irish women and a couple of men and learn a bit about geometry, the environment and creative use of crochet at the same time. The Greenhouse is open during normal business hours.

The Irish Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef - Irish Quilting Magazine - by Irene LundgaardMy picture of The Irish Reef featured in
Irish Quilting Magazine

Irene Lundgaard 2012

They also featured my piece of Yarn Graffiti, which I did earlier in the year. I first thought it odd that a Quilting Magazine would do a piece on crochet, but when I thought about it, I realized that Granny Squares actually can only be described as the quilts of crochet and all of a sudden it all made sense in my little mind…

Yarn Grafitti - Irish Quilting Magazine - by Irene Lundgaard Urbanization of the Irish Countryside featured in
Irish Quilting Magazine

Irene Lundgaard 2012

They published my piece of Opinionated Crochet called Urbanization of the Irish Countryside which I had pointed out was the title of my work. However, they seem to have forgotten to include that bit of info in the article…

I also notice that there is now an International Yarnbombing Day on June 9th. It’s interesting how underground movements are eventually adopted by convention.

Being in the media will not pay any bills, so I better get back to my hook as I prepare my classes starting on Tuesday where there are a couple of places left and then I better start working on some patterns that are in the making too.

Hook on, is all I can say!

3 responses to “In The Media”

  1. FUUR. says:

    Hov hov, man er da vist på,
    derovre i det irske.
    Jeg forstår udmærket,
    de sætter dit glade smil på TV.
    De kan desværre,
    ikke høre din glade latter.
    Å do hår osse vot i æ blå,
    Jow jow.

  2. Nic says:

    Wow. You’re having a media moment. Always knew you were Hot!

  3. Nic – she’s not just hot, she’s hotter than hot! 🙂 If they had left the laugh in the film, they would have so many more viewers. 🙂