Cheesy Toilet Roll Holder

IMG_6525smallI completed The Toilet Roll Holder. I don’t think it’s very suited as such. As a matter of fact, I disagree with toilet roll holders, they are just that wee bit too unhygienic for my liking. Nevertheless, I was given the challenge and I started it last Saturday and had the idea of using a mouse, seeing that a doll was not forthcoming. When I mentioned that idea to The Yarnie Sisterhood of Wicklow & Other Areas the imagination of Mairead was the final touch. “A mouse must be sitting on a cheese”. And so he does.


The House Mouse has moved into The Yarn Room and soon the pattern will be converted to a Cheesy Tea Cosy. Watch this space.

4 responses to “Cheesy Toilet Roll Holder”

  1. LOL – that sure is one cheesy toilet roll holder!

  2. Irene says:

    It’s ridiculous, that’s what it is!

  3. Marley says:

    Actually I expect to see two eye’s peering out at me!!

  4. Irene says:

    They just might Marley! 😉