Culture Night Crochet

We celebrated Culture Night 2012 all over Ireland last Friday September 21st. My own contribution was obviously crochet…

On the square in Tinahely we have a granite bench which was donated to the village by the wonderful women of Tinahely I.C.A. It’s a sturdy granite bench that holds a lot of gatherings of the young as well as the old.

Bench on Dwyer Square TinahelyBench on the Square, Culture Night 2012, Tinahely, Co Wicklow
Irene Lundgaard 2012

The Tinahely Arts Group had planned to display Words of The Village with each contributor installing their own words, I’m a member and decided to partake.

Behind the bench there is a pretty tree with branches sheltering the bench from rain and wind and when I pass the bench I often wonder what conversations and aspirations the tree picks up, what dreams are aired that drift up from the bench and into the tree. Armed with this thought I set to work for some weeks, every time I passed the bench and the youth were gathered on it I asked them what their dreams were. My plan was to distil their words and crochet them into a luminous web that would be seen in the dark at Culture Night. A web of words caught in the tree.

As the days went on in my word gathering, I began to see a pattern of questions more than anything else and I realized my collection of words would have to be W-words. I called my piece “W-Ord-s Of Youth”. The hyphens are framing the Danish word “ord”, which means word or words.  Culture Night 2012 W-Ord-s of Youth Tinahely Arts Group 11

Culture Night 2012 W-Ord-s of Youth Tinahely Arts Group 12

Culture Night 2012 W-Ord-s of Youth Tinahely Arts Group 12d

Culture Night 2012 W-Ord-s of Youth Tinahely Arts Group 12bW-Ord-s Of Youth, Culture Night 2012, Tinahely, Co Wicklow
Irene Lundgaard 2012

I used luminous paint on the words to ensure they would shine out in the night. The village is bright at night and the words did not shine much but they are doing just that now here at home in my hallway, where I pass them for nightly visits to the necessarium. They are insistently demanding answers. Every night! As John said, when I explained to him about my installation, ‘well, the old that also gather on the bench, they will have the answers’.

I’m just not sure that I am old enough to have the answers quite figured out yet… Not on my nocturnal sojourns anyway!

5 responses to “Culture Night Crochet”

  1. Monica says:

    What a lovely idea, I love your web of words. Next year when the ‘gatherings’ are happening imagine what it will hear.

  2. FUUR. says:

    Svaret kommer med alderen mit søde barn.
    Din ide er fantastisk.
    Godt gået!!!

  3. Nic says:

    Sweetheart, that is AMAZING! And what a wonderful image of the tree containing all the words of young and old. Scratch that, YOU is AMAZING!!

    >> nightly visits to the necessarium

    That would be where you keep your stash, right?

  4. Cami says:

    It’s always very interesting to see crochet as public art. I love the “sign,” and even more because it carries word of inquiry. I could see that being used in my 7th grade classroom in Mexico!

  5. Irene says:

    Monica, Thank you very much for your kind comment and it is indeed interesting to see what The Gatherings bring!

    Fuur, takker!

    Nic, You is the most wonderful woman! And yes, necessarium is OBVIOUSLY nightly visits to the stash…

    Cami, I found it quite interesting to engage with the youth, I thought they would have wildly imaginative dreams and hopes but as it turned out, what I heard were profoundly simple questions – while at the same time so terribly complicated.