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Currently The Irish Reef is is on show at The Greenhouse in Dublin and we are delighted that The Reef is out of storage and on view for everyone to enjoy. This is The Insitute for Figuring’s fantastic ode to maths and the fragile coral reefs in our oceans. I facilitated and coordinated some of the Irish People’s Reef together with the wonderfully creative Stitch Lily. Our Irish reef was exhibited along with the Wertheim Sister’s Wolly Wonder and was open until June 11th. Get into it! We, The Reefers, now hold the Partnership Agreement with The Wertheims which means we can travel The Irish Reef in Ireland. Although, ultimately, we are looking for a permanent home for this wonderful exhibition.

If you know of a gallery, museum, community centre or any other suitable space that have regular exhibitions and would be suitable for exhibiting this woolly wonder we would love to hear from you. Please drop your mail to: irene@yarnclasses.com

Check out all my posts on The Irish Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef as well as pictures of my own contributions to the reef here!

Press about the Irish exhibition can be found here:
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