Just One More Row

I have been busy with all sorts of small and large projects that needed to be completed but unfortunately, none of all these projects left me much time to have my hands on the hook although the Dane’s Tunisian Vest is quite attention seeking in that insistent way.


I find myself getting to bed later and later every night as it is one of those ‘just-one-more-row-before-bedtime-projects’. I am about up to the armhole now so I wonder what my bedtime is going to be later on, what with the end being nigh…

5 responses to “Just One More Row”

  1. My husband calls in knitsomnia – just one more row – and suddenly it’s midnight

  2. Irene says:

    HAHA! He’s spot on! Although in this case hooksomnia must be the term to use and in my case that last row is usually well past midnight…

  3. Nic says:

    Knitsomnia! Hah! Can I use that sometime? Brilliant.

    Love the look of that vest, the stitch and colour combination is perfect!

  4. niamh says:

    great new word! I love the colours in this one – I hate wearing dark colours when the weather is dark too. depressing!

  5. Irene says:

    Yes Niamh, that is simply a brilliant word!!!

    On the issue of colour, I was once only wearing black, but as I get older I rarely wear black, life is too short for monochrome. I much prefer life in full colour!