Crochet Shamrocks – Free Pattern

I am focusing on flowers at the moment and have another crochet flower scarf ready for sale in the shop soon – as a matter of fact, it should be good to go tomorrow.

In the meantime, flowers are inspiring to study and often fairly easy to replicate in crochet. I have a couple of trial fuchsias lying about at the moment as well as some forget-me-nots and some daisies, but more about all those later as today is all about Shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day which will be celebrated by the Irish throughout the world on Sunday and seeing that I was made an honorary Irish Woman by a friend many years ago, I thought I would participate in the celebrations too.

St Patrick Day Shamrocks by Irene Lundgaard details 1St Patrick Day Shamrocks by Irene LundgaardSt Patrick Day Shamrocks by Irene Lundgaard details 2Crochet Shamrocks On A String For St Patrick’s Day
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

The madness in the eyes of the model has nothing to do with either the Irish, St Patrick or the Shamrocks – nor the Danes for that matter! It’s just me!

I have made a necklace type thing in Shamrocks and thought I would share a quick little free pattern on how to crochet a Shamrock, so here goes:

Crochet St Patrick Day Shamrocks – pattern :
Use any green yarn you have with a hook to suit the yarn weight. Fine yarn makes small Shamrocks, heavy yarn makes big ones.
CH 14, 1 DC (US SC) into 6th CH from hook, *CH 5, 1 DC (US SC) into prev dc (US sc)*, repeat *-* one time. You now have 3 ch sp.
Row 2: Now you need to bulk out the leaves: Stretch the hook across and into the first ch sp you made and *work 8 DC (US SC) into CH SP, finish with a SL ST into the dc in the middle*, repeat *-* on the next two ch sp loops. The three leaves are now bulked out.
Now bulk out the stem of the Shamrock by working SL ST into the 8 ch from beg of row ending at the bottom.

You have now completed one Shamrock. Without breaking the yarn you can make a couple more to bunch a few Shamrocks together. Once you have made as many as you like, break the yarn, sew away the ends and sew on a brooch pin and hey presto, you have a pretty green bunch of Shamrocks to wear on your lapel, on your hat or wherever for the St Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday!

La Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit!

2 responses to “Crochet Shamrocks – Free Pattern”

  1. Will you now have the luck of the Irish? 🙂 Gorgeous shamrocks and gorgeous you!

  2. Irene says:

    I’m working on the luck bit! Gorgeous you!