Seriously Hooked

This week I have been at The Yarn Room every day while the main event was happening at the RDS at the ‘Itch and Scratch Show’.

Everybody seems to have had a blast up there while I have had a few moments to myself. There is just nothing like a Wall of Wool and time to oneself to get the creative juices flowing.

IMG_7125smallCrochet Roundel Lopi Scarf © Irene Lundgaard

I grabbed a rather large hook and some Lopi. I fancied the Ploutolopi and the Einband together. I fancied red and I fancied black as is the vogue this autumn and winter.

When I was a child my mother knit yummi Icelandic sweaters for me in the Ploutolopi and I still remember the total heat and super soft feel of those sweaters. I fancied I could have a bit of my childhood back and set to work. I was always blown away by the unspun yarn and how soft it is too.

I thought a size 10 mm was a large hook but this morning when I arrived I found a very serious hook on the table. My large hook all of a sudden seemed like a little squirt of a hook!

I know when things are left on that table it means ‘challenge’ and I also know ‘somebody’ who knows that I am going to take it up. The Lopi is slowly turning into a nice funky scarf. Time will tell what the oversize hook will manage to turn something into. Man, it’s big and man, am I going to have serious fun?

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