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I enjoy creating and producing. The therapeutic rhythm of the repetition in creation soothes the mind and calms the heart! I enjoy sharing this gift with my fellow yarnies and have started tutoring.

The last few years I have taken to crochet much. I love the freedom of crochet, the way you only ever need to keep an eye on one single stitch at a time. It is a simple task to crochet and progress is so much faster than knitting. I am fascinated my the different textures that can be achieved in crochet and not least the colour work possibilities there are.

I discovered Tunisian Crochet and the texture is almost a weave and gives a fantastic drape that I feel have very many uses particularly in soft furnishing, bags and not least jackets.

My true love in crochet is Tapestry Crochet, I love colour and playing with the graphic shapes this technique lends itself to. It ties neatly in with my Scandinavian background with Fair Isle knitting which I also do. My preference for Tapestry Crochet has to do with my background in the graphic world and not least my Scandinavian background and I believe we become what we are exposed to, so what with me living in Ireland for a good few years now, I might just one day start loving to knit cables too…

I do Fair Isle knitting using the Continental technique. I find the intricacy of the colour blends and getting the tension right highly stimulating. I also love the texture of cable knitting but have not the patience for the extra needle and the fiddling. As for lace knitting, I adore it. It is beautiful and subtle, but again, I rarely have the patience to do it, which is a petty as I really find lace stunning.

I do not remember learning to crochet, but I have a sense that it was something my maternal grandmother taught me before I could even knit. She was a fine crocheter and made the most delicate lace. It was my father who first taught me to do garter stitch knitting, he was the one with the patience for the initial sticky warm fingers and glowing hot needles. My mother, a fine knitter herself, since taught me the finer points and refined my abilities both with knitting and crochet. I am eternally grateful to them both for the gift they have given me, a gift of ability and to trust it – not only to knit.

My move to Ireland in 1994 was one of great delight as to me it was a great homecoming to the land of sheep and fleece and fireside living. It was a life changing move and one I will always treasure as Ireland and her people have enabled and allowed me to pursue my yarn dreams.

I will always work with yarn. To feel the hands shape a garment or an item to be used is the ultimate joy of life! What with being the creator…

My work has been exhibited as part of the Hypberbolic Crochet Coral Reef at the Science Gallery, Dublin, the Smithsonian in Washington DC in 2010 and 2011. I was also commissioned to crochet the Dublin interpretation of Victoria Vesna’s Blue Morph at Science Gallery in the autumn of 2012. Furthermore, my crochet features in the Asterix & Obelix movie 2012.

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Hej Wanda det var pæne ord.
Jeg kan lige stave mig gennem det engelske.

Eller rettere sagt, danne mig en mening.

Lykke og held med det hele!!!

Fuur, de pæne ord kommer fra hjertet! Og en dag skal jeg nok oversætte, så det er helt forståeligt! Knus!

December 2009.

Hej det er sørme en fin hjemmeside, jeg har kun hørt dig tale om den, så fik jeg den geniale ide at google dig.
Anette D. Fur

Hej Irene
Har lige kikket ind omkring din hjemmeside.
Sikke mange spændende ting når beskæftiger dig med.
Vi hilste på hinanden i Dublin i forbindelse med dit besøg hos din familie (folkedans).
sonja kongaa

Irene.. Sikke en fin lille side du har her. Jeg vidste slet ikke du kørte sådan en lille side geschæft. Men du er dygtig er du. Det skal du have.
Kærlig hilsen A to the N to the N to the A to the Krag

Such a cheerful website -celebrating the loveliness of textiles, especially for me the natural ones, though I have to admit the ghastly bling-flash of others says lots about things around us today. And in a such a joyous way one couldn’t do less than smile! Your work is entertaining but much more too.