November 2010

I’m Having An Affair

Every so often a certain yarn just takes my fancy. For a long while it was the Kauni Effect Yarn that had my attention; come to think of it, it might just jump onto the hook again in the very near future. I just haven’t worked anything in it for a while – although I […]

Releasing Some Heat

I finally got around to actually releasing the pattern for Serena’s Neck Cowl. It’s warm and wintry and it’s a simple enough knit. The yarn is really doing all the work; not only is the yarn pretty in the colouring, but it’s also soft and warm around the neck and the rib makes it nice […]

Woollies Weather

The last few weeks has had this un-natural warmth to them for the time of year but that has all changed now. Tonight when I got out from teaching my crochet class in Tinahely I had to scrape the ice off the windscreen. Proper cold weather for woollies, yay! Serena’s Neck Cowl © Irene Lundgaard […]

Snug Neck Collar

The other day I went down the garden to inspect the apple trees to see if the apples were finally ready to be picked. I went without a jacket, no snug warm sweater or woolly socks for the feet, for that matter. That turned out to be a mistake as the draft around my neck […]

Twisting And Twirling

I have finally managed to load the Twisty Twirly Scarf pattern so that it’s now available on Ravelry. It took a while and a bit of ploughing through the help files… Reading the small print is obviously not my strongest point! The pattern doesn’t have a lot of small print, it’s fairly straight forward and […]