April 2013

A Bunch Of Crochet Flowers For A Friend

I thought I’d share a little bunch of crochet pink flowers I made for a friend who has been unwell. They are crochet in cottons from my stash. I had many colours of yarn but somehow the pinks spoke to me while diving for yarn. I will allow the pictures to speak for themselves while […]

Edelweiss Arm Band

I have arrived in Denmark and I’m busy finalizing the last few items for the workshops on Friday and Saturday. I thought I’d share a quick photo of one of the items that we will be working on on Saturday. It’s an armband in some lovely cotton and when my mother saw the flowers she […]

My New Adventure

I have always been a maker, I have made everything from papier-mâché puppies to stencilled postcards but yarn has always been my staple medium for making – be that in knitting or in crochet. Crochet, in latter years, has taken the largest chunk of my maker energy as I always have to be ahead with […]

Tinahely Arts Group Craft Fair

There are no idle hands here these days. Last night we, the Tinahely Arts Group, celebrated Culture Night with interactive displays and Words in the village, I also had crochet words in the village but I will write properly about them later because right now, the focus is on the Tinahely Arts Group Arts & […]

Preparing Another Workshop In Denmark

I am preparing another workshop at the County Library in Skive, Denmark on Sunday November 20th. The title is Christmas Gift Making and yes, I do use that word now as I know that in order to make the deadline, we crafters need to get going now! I have already prepared a good few ideas […]

Craft Day @ Mermaid Arts Centre

I am teaching crochet flowers for The Yarn Room on Craft Day at the Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray on Saturday July 9th @ 3.00 – 5.00 pm while Serena is going to teach flower looming. I love teaching crochet flowers, they are fun to make and decorative too!  I hope you would like to […]

Mermaid’s Flowers

2011 is The Year of Craft . I think it’s wonderful with the focus on craft as there are so many very talented people who often get very little recognition for their handiwork. Not so this year. The Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray are celebrating creativity in Co Wicklow with a series of textile workshops […]

Glow In The Dark – Earth Hour

No need to have the lights on with these guys about the house! Just sayin’! Glow In The Dark Flowers © Irene Lundgaard 2011 I’m Honouring Earth Hour right now! Are you?

Scary Stuff

I have been asked to do a bunch of flowers in an acrylic yarn but I don’t ‘do’ acrylics. Full Stop. Well, I didn’t. Scary Flowers © Irene Lundgaard 2011 I react to acrylics like people who feel the scratch of wool. I can wear the coarsest wool on my bare skin and it wouldn’t […]