March 2013

Kelp & Sea Foam Scarf

The other day I was diving in my considerable yarn stash and came across a couple of balls of Bouclé Mohair from Cushendale Wollen Mills. The colours were Glacier and Greengage and they just spoke to my inner colour lover there and then. I put everything else to one side and started crocheting immediately. Dana […]

Apple Blossom In August

I am having great fun with the hook at the moment, as a matter of fact, I’m having too much fun to also have time to write about it even. Some of it I’m not allowed to write about in detail other than to say that it involves film props and a certain French male […]

Twisting And Twirling

I have finally managed to load the Twisty Twirly Scarf pattern so that it’s now available on Ravelry. It took a while and a bit of ploughing through the help files… Reading the small print is obviously not my strongest point! The pattern doesn’t have a lot of small print, it’s fairly straight forward and […]

Seriously Hooked

This week I have been at The Yarn Room every day while the main event was happening at the RDS at the ‘Itch and Scratch Show’. Everybody seems to have had a blast up there while I have had a few moments to myself. There is just nothing like a Wall of Wool and time […]

Lazy Lace Scarf

I always had a weak spot for mohair, particularly the bouclé variety and I still do. First of all, I adore the fluffy cloud of puff that it gives when worked. I adore it because the sky is almost the limit when it comes to hook size and the colours are usually great as well, […]