March 2013

Crochet Shop – Shop Crochet

Today I brought my very colourful current crochet project to Deirdre Minogue’s Shop in Tinahely. The project is a wrap in pinks and purples and orange and red and it’s quite in your face in the colourful fun sense of in your face! I tried to capture the colours with my camera, but did not […]

Wrapped In Summer Breeze

It felt like it took an age for the Sky Blue Wrap to dry as I blocked it on my yoga mat on the kitchen floor. Every time I went through the kitchen my patience was tested. It really was an age to wait! Blue Sky Wrap © 2010 Irene Lundgaard It was an absolute […]

Blue Sky On The Kitchen Floor

It would seem that the only blue sky I’m to see today is the wet one on my kitchen floor which I am impatiently waiting for to dry. Blue Sky Wrap © 2010 Irene Lundgaard The wrap is done and the colour is completely delicious, it’s 450 grams of lovely Ístex Loðband Einband transformed into […]

Blue Sky Wrap

Iceland is much on the map at the moment and unfortunately, it’s not always for a good reason what with the collapsed economy and Eyjafjallajökull sending ash plumes into the atmosphere causing havoc to much travel. I have dreamt of visiting Iceland ever since I was on the Faeroe islands. The rather hot underground of […]

Secret & Soft Wrap

I searched in my bag of tricks, my basket of odments, my box of other tricks and I simply could not find it! The Secret & Soft Wrap that I completed at least 3 months ago had vanished. I put it to one side then as something urgent came along even though all that was […]