December 2012

Granny Squares With A Twist

The Granny Squares with a twist is in development and I’m having good fun. There are another couple to roll off the hook before pattern and production can be set in motion, the colours are working well, I think and the only question is if I can twist them further. How I love the creative […]

Twisting Granny Squares Out Of The Hook

I have had a few nice days off and for some reason, the crochet hooks have been fairly idle too! However, I am preparing workshops for the new year and not least my regular classes which commence on Thursday January 10th again and last night an idea for some fun Granny Squares struck – Granny […]

Asterix & Obelix – Bird And Nesting Box

I have really had a hard time keeping the props I made for the new Asterix movie “Astérix et Obélix Au Service De Sa Majesté” under my belt, I did all this work more than a year ago and I have been so excited about it but had to keep quiet – people that know […]

Male & Female Crochet

I have done a good bit of commission work of late, something I very rarely do as I find it has a tendency to curb my own creativity. However, the Blue Morph can most certainly not by any stretch of the imagination be something that would curb my creativity. Quite the opposite! I received a […]

The Poncho Tunic Thing

In January I started a poncho which morphed into a sweater and eventually became a tunic type thing… I finished it some weeks ago but never got photos taken to share. However, the other day I got some shots of it and thought I would share one here. The Poncho Tunic © Irene Lundgaard 2012 […]

Morphed Crochet

On Friday night I started working on a crochet poncho, I had this idea that a new poncho would suit my wardrobe just right and at the same time the end product could be used in my upcoming workshop and crochet class where participants can design their own poncho. It’s a fun class and I […]

Granny By The Irish Sea

Manifesting ideas and following up on inspiration can sometimes just be a simple little task. Other times it’s a big involved process with many twists and turns and not always a good outcome. Granny By The Irish Sea © Irene Lundgaard 2011 I have wanted to do a lap blanket in the tried and trusted […]

Rosa Bellflower

Months ago I started this nice cardigan designed by my gifted friend, Liselotte. I worked it in the brilliant 4 ply pure wool yarn from the Irish Cushendale Wollen Mills. The yarn is coarse and warm and versatile and hard wearing and the colours are always just right, as is the price – and then […]

Defiant Summer Crochet

The Irish summer heat seeped out around July first, we’re back to rain and low temperatures as per usual but who says we can’t use summer colours anyway? I am at the moment. The Summer Candy Swirl Beanie was completed in fun summer colours. It’s just a little sample that will only fit a child’s […]

For The Love Of Colour

I am Scandinavian, I adore Fair Isle knitting, I love colour and crochet and all these elements come together for me in Tapestry Crochet. I am currently preparing a workshop in Tapestry Crochet and had this notion that the yarn from Cushendale Woollen Mills would be ideal for this purpose. The yarn is hard wearing […]