May 2011

A Pattern In The Bag

In the autumn of last year I knit my Bonbon Bag with the view to releasing the pattern. It’s a simple enough bag to knit, but the writing of the pattern was less so – partly due to some rather illegible notes… However, I finally found the time to focus on writing up the pattern […]

Bagging A Pattern

The Bonbon Bag pattern is slowly but truly shaping up. I am working the second version at the moment to ensure that the stitch count is right, so far it’s looking OK. Bonbon Bag © Irene Lundgaard 2011 I have chosen a different colour-way this time, just because I could and soon the pattern will […]

Bagged Some Bonbon

We present the first Finished Object of 2011, the Year of Craft! I knitted this Bonbon Bag over the last couple of days, but only got around to doing the fulling today. This is very much an experiment as I am somewhat a puritan when it comes to felting. To me proper felting is done […]

A Riotous Bag Of Colour

I have been eyeing up this  Filzi yarn from German Schoeller + Stahl made specifically for fulling, for quite some time. I just never really had the time for the inspiration to come by and take the craving for the yarn very far. However, these in-between days where I don’t have to be anywhere at […]

Knitting All Sorts

I had to make some Christmas presents, as I’m sure every crafter in the world was compelled to doing. Beanies For The Boyoz and a Ice Cowl for Herself. For some reason it was my knitting needles I turned to for the most part. That seems to happen to me every Christmas for some reason… […]

Felting With My Tractor

I have wanted to have fun with some felting for the last month but duties have been numerous and hampered by weather and other matters. Hippy Felt Bag – pre felting © Irene Lundgaard 2010 The other night I finally got a chance to attempt some knitting for felting. I had this lovely variegated yarn […]