December 2010

Rosa Bellflower

Months ago I started this nice cardigan designed by my gifted friend, Liselotte. I worked it in the brilliant 4 ply pure wool yarn from the Irish Cushendale Wollen Mills. The yarn is coarse and warm and versatile and hard wearing and the colours are always just right, as is the price – and then […]

Half A Hook Size Makes The Difference

I have had a cardigan on the hook for some time, it was basically finished, all it needed was the front bands and some buttons and a bit of fancy footwork to finalize edges and such like. Simple really, and I had it all done but wasn’t really happy as I made the classical mistake […]

It’s A Game Of Patience

I have played the patience game called blocking for a day and a bit. It has been a painful wait for the Watermelon Top to dry, but today when I touched it tenderly it was just soft and dry and ready to wear. I wonder if there is a blocking mat with built-in gentle heat […]

Subliminal Colour Work

I just had a realization. I looked at the picture of the Tunisian piece I am having fun with at the moment and do you know what? The colours are the same as the ones that are in my logo! I completely didn’t see that when I picked the colours for the piece, I just […]

Flower Power

I am currently preparing the material for the Crochet Flower class at The Yarn Room this coming Saturday and thought I would share the amazing transforming powers of flowers. I made the very flattering Bellflower sweater by Liselotte Weller during the winter in a plain sage colour and I though I would try it out […]