April 2012

In The Media

Last night I sat quietly and in my own world crocheting. The television was on and all of a sudden I saw what people have been telling me about. I saw my own face on TV. Some weeks ago there was a feature on The Yarn Room on Nationwide on RTÉ, our national TV station […]

A Colourful Week

This week is turning out to be a riot of colour and I thought I would share a bit of the colours that I have been surrounded by. Who knows, this teaser might just entice you to go and have a look at the pretty exhibition of The Irish Reef, which is created by some […]

Hyperbolic Space For Charity

The other day a cheerful mail with a photo attached landed in my in-box. It was from the lovely Reefer, Jenny Byrne. Jenny is one of the rock solid core members of The Reefers group that is promoting and not least loving the Irish Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. It turned out that Jenny had entered […]

The Irish Reef Is Ready For Next Outing

Over the weekend very many very loving hands put The Irish Reef to sleep. It is back in its boxes and ready for a new adventure. The Irish Reef in Tinahely I compiled this little video of our beautiful reef during the exhibition at the Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely. The tune playing is called ‘Hyperbolic […]

Hyperbolic Guitar In My House

My home has been taken over by all things hyperbolic. The Irish Reef is under construction and last minute pieces are being crochet for certain places on the baskets – and here was I thinking I had completed my contributions… A good while back I challenged my husband, Dónal Donohoe, to give writing a piece […]

Progress Of The Irish Reef

The Reefers are hard at it again, constructing our wonderful hyperbolic crochet. The original Toxic Reef was curated by The Wertheims for their exhibition at The Smithsonian and we were left with no toxic reef at all. However, Irish crocheters rise to a challenge and simply just made another toxic reef. Irish crocheters, take a […]

The Toxic Irish Reef – Take 2

Toxic hyperbolic crochet is about to peak very soon here as the exhibition of The Irish Reef is opening on Sunday 12th and the setting up of the reef will commence next weekend. In an effort to have a clear view of the way ahead which is best achieved by crochet methinks, I have combined […]