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Irene & Donal © Donal Donohoe small 6

My deepest thanks to all who have sent kind words and messages of sympathy on the recent passing of my wife, friend, partner and collaborator Irene Lundgaard. Irene and I spent twenty wonderful years together and it was a privilege to live with such a creative, kind-hearted and beautiful human being, she truly was a force of nature. To say that Irene could brighten up any room that she walked into would be an understatement as I am sure anyone who knew her would testify and her loss is immeasurable, she will be forever in my heart.


It’s Halloween Time Again

Last year I was inspired to making a Halloween Web Crochet Pattern and this year I am inspired too as I am currently developing some crochet bats for the trees in the garden that will go just nicely with the webs of last year. I’m nearly there with the bats but until I’m right there with them, I thought I would share the webs from last year first!

Catch Halloween Crochet Web by Irene LundgaardCatch Halloween Webs © Irene Lundgaard 2012

The pattern for the webs, is simple and worked in an acrylic yarn in a DK weight on a 4mm/G hook. I was able to make 5 webs out of 50 grams, so each one doesn’t take an awful lot of yarn and they can be worked in any yarn you like. I chose acrylic for added horridness in the making and not least because it’s often easier to get scary colours in acrylic yarn.

The pattern is available in both UK and US terminology right here if you would like some for your own garden.
Once you buy the pattern it will be sent to you by E-mail as a PDF-file ready to print. It will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

€ 2.00


Thank You Ladies

We had two great, inspiring fun days at the Library in Skive. I think the photos from the days tell their own tale, don’t you?

Hækle Workshop Skive Bibliotek Danmark by Irene Lundgaard 2Hækle Workshop Skive Bibliotek Danmark by Irene Lundgaard 3Hækle Workshop Skive Bibliotek Danmark by Irene Lundgaard 4Hækle Workshop Skive Bibliotek Danmark by Irene LundgaardCrochet Workshops at Skive Library April 2013
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

It was such a joy to see so many know faces yet again. I sometimes wonder if the crocheters that return every time come because I haven’t taught them well enough in the first place, but I choose to believe that they come because they think the crochet workshops are inspiring and fun!

I also had the privilege of meeting lovely Anne, we have known each other for years online but never met in IRL. Anne came with hugs for me from both Marianne and Lene too! I am a lucky woman!

Special thanks to Skive Bibliotek and particularly to Anette for all her support and help!


Crochet Shamrocks – Free Pattern

I am focusing on flowers at the moment and have another crochet flower scarf ready for sale in the shop soon – as a matter of fact, it should be good to go tomorrow.

In the meantime, flowers are inspiring to study and often fairly easy to replicate in crochet. I have a couple of trial fuchsias lying about at the moment as well as some forget-me-nots and some daisies, but more about all those later as today is all about Shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day which will be celebrated by the Irish throughout the world on Sunday and seeing that I was made an honorary Irish Woman by a friend many years ago, I thought I would participate in the celebrations too.

St Patrick Day Shamrocks by Irene Lundgaard details 1St Patrick Day Shamrocks by Irene LundgaardSt Patrick Day Shamrocks by Irene Lundgaard details 2Crochet Shamrocks On A String For St Patrick’s Day
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

The madness in the eyes of the model has nothing to do with either the Irish, St Patrick or the Shamrocks – nor the Danes for that matter! It’s just me!

I have made a necklace type thing in Shamrocks and thought I would share a quick little free pattern on how to crochet a Shamrock, so here goes:

Crochet St Patrick Day Shamrocks – pattern :
Use any green yarn you have with a hook to suit the yarn weight. Fine yarn makes small Shamrocks, heavy yarn makes big ones.
CH 14, 1 DC (US SC) into 6th CH from hook, *CH 5, 1 DC (US SC) into prev dc (US sc)*, repeat *-* one time. You now have 3 ch sp.
Row 2: Now you need to bulk out the leaves: Stretch the hook across and into the first ch sp you made and *work 8 DC (US SC) into CH SP, finish with a SL ST into the dc in the middle*, repeat *-* on the next two ch sp loops. The three leaves are now bulked out.
Now bulk out the stem of the Shamrock by working SL ST into the 8 ch from beg of row ending at the bottom.

You have now completed one Shamrock. Without breaking the yarn you can make a couple more to bunch a few Shamrocks together. Once you have made as many as you like, break the yarn, sew away the ends and sew on a brooch pin and hey presto, you have a pretty green bunch of Shamrocks to wear on your lapel, on your hat or wherever for the St Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday!

La Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit!


Crochet Workshops In Denmark

I am delighted to be going back to Denmark in early April for a couple of Crochet Workshops, bookings are currently being taken for the workshops at the Library in Skive.

Include the Danish poster and workshop description as I have an inkling that the most people attending will be people who master the Danish language. Hope to see you there!

Hækle Workshops April 2013 Skive Bibliotek plakat

Workshop Decription:

Hækle Workshops – Hæklet Summer Living – Skive Bibliotek
fredag 5. april 2013, kl. 14.00 – 18.00
Undervisningen vil fokusere på hækling af lyskædedekorationer, glade flag med sjov til boligen og haven. Sjove maske- og farvekombinationer til plaider og hynder. Teknikker vil inkludere variationer over alternative maskeformer i farver.
Kursisterne opfordres til at medbringe garner i eget valg i sommerfarver og tilsvarende hæklenåle.  Materialer vil også være tilgængelige til køb på dagen, hvis det ønskes.  Kurset egner sig ikke for nybegyndere.
Antal deltagere: Maks 12 personer per kursus.

Hækle Workshops – øvede – Skive Bibliotek
lørdag den 6. april, kl. 10.00 – 16.00, (ca. 45 min frokostpause)
Free-Form hækle-workshop –

Undervisningen vil fokusere på Free From hækling, som er en spændende teknik hvor den enkelte kursist virkelig får mulighed for at udtrykke sig i farver, struktur og form. Teknikken egner sig især til frembringelse af reliefbilleder, tasker, smykker og lignende. Et element af kurset vil inkludere hækling med perler integreret, en teknik der egner sig til blandt andet hæklede smykker.
Før frokost læres basisteknikker inklusive dekorationselementer, farvearbejde og sammensætning af delelementer, efter frokost fokuseres der på at arbejde med perler og hvad vi nu ellers kan finde på at indarbejde i vores hælerier.
Kursisterne opfordres til at medbringe nødvendige materialer:  samling af hæklenåle i forskellige størrelser og garner i alle kvaliteter inklusive tråd og fine nåle samt diverse perler i forskellige farver, der kan gå på tråden. Begrænsede materialer vil også være tilgængelige på dagen.  Kurset egner sig ikke for begyndere.
Antal deltagere:
Maks 12 personer per kursus.

Kursusnoter, hæklenåle og garn til teknisk undervisning leveres af Irene Lundgaard.
Hæklenåle: 20 kr per person medmindre de bringer deres egne.
Garn:  40 kr per deltager (nok til at lære teknikken)

Skive Bibliotek – telefon: +45 9915 7000


My New Adventure

I have always been a maker, I have made everything from papier-mâché puppies to stencilled postcards but yarn has always been my staple medium for making – be that in knitting or in crochet. Crochet, in latter years, has taken the largest chunk of my maker energy as I always have to be ahead with new ideas for my classes and workshops and then there is the odd pattern that runs off the hook too.

Crochet Flwoer Headbands in Flax and Wool by Irene Lundgaard 2Crochet Morning Glory Hair Band and Necklace by Irene LundgaardCrochet Flwoer Headbands in Flax and Wool by Irene LundgaardCrochet Flower Headbands & Scarf In Flax and Wool
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

I am often asked if I sell my work, which I have not done much but that is all changing now as I have started selling my crochet in Deirdre Minogue’s Sale Shop in Tinahely, Co Wicklow which is full to the brim with gorgeous and distinctive clothes at reduced rates.

I have a nice space in the shop where my unique crochet is on display. At the moment I have focused on pretty flower hair-bands along with scarves, hats and some fingerless mittens too – and there are hand knit socks on offer as well! Everything is made in natural fibres be that flax, wool, cotton, alpaca, silk and mohair and many are one off pieces, never to be replicated. My stock and range will build up as I get the hook going.

The shop is located on Bridge Street in Tinahely, just on the left as you enter the village from the bridge and it’s open every Friday and Saturday from 11am – 5pm. I will be manning the shop on Saturdays and I hope you will join me, come in and say hello, I’d love to see you there!

I will be selling items in my Etsy Shop too, however, for the moment, I have to focus on making, but I will let you know when I have stock available on Etsy too.

Note: Regular crochet classes are still available, details can be found here!


Crochet Animation & Music Too

The last week the only thing I have seen of Donal is the back of the screen of his computer as he has been very busy extracting images and composing this little video of my crochet from the last year for me.

A video of my crochet inspiration to whet your appetite for a crochet class or a customized, themed workshop for you and your friends. Drop me a mail at for details on availability!

Donal also composed and recorded the pretty tune which he gave to me to use anyway I like, he also made the animated hook too and all I can say is, I Like!

Thank you for the video Donal!


Autumn Classes 2012

Crochet Classes September 2012 by Irene LundgaardIt’s time for sharpening the hook and getting the crochet mojo going! I have just scheduled the next four weeks of classes here in Tinahely with morning classes in the Tinahely Farm Shop from Tuesday September 11th at 10.30 am  – 12.30 pm and evening classes in the Market Square from 8.00- 10.00 pm.

Beginners will learn the basics of crochet, gain confidence in the stitches, learn best practise with finishing and handy tricks of the trade. Continuer’s will broaden their pallet and  learn to work out gauge/tension, get help with designing their own garment and we will tip into some free from crochet too. Everyone will gain confidence from mastering a skill and enjoy the playfulness of working with colours!

Price €55 (€65 for beginners) per 4 weeks
or drop-in classes at €15 per session.

Pre-booking essential contact Irene: 085 769 1854 /


My Other Sheep

Yesterday I took the time tOrigin Of The Species- in context - Tinahely Sheep Flock - by Irene Lundgaardo get a couple of shots of my other sheep in it’s context in the village of Tinahely here in Co Wicklow. As you can see, the street was empty as everybody dove into the shops to avoid the heavy rain. Yesterday was a partial wet one – April showers indeed!

Origin Of The Species- Tinahely Sheep Flock - by Irene LundgaardOriginally I come from an island in Denmark called Fur, and island that is rich in fossils that literally come out of the ground. I have found fossils since I was a little girl and cannot cross a patch of gravel without throwing my eye over it to see if there is any “gold” to be found. My sheep reflect this heritage as sheep are part of the Artiodactyla family – which, to the best of my knowledge has their origin in the Osteichthyes fish family…

One way or another, my sheep is called ‘Origin Of The Species’. It’s a wee lamb. He is sitting right at the post box in Tinahely, keeping an eye.


Crackpot Sheep Launch

Today was the day when Tinahely Arts Group officially launched the 2012 Tinahely Sheep Flock.

Tinahely Sheep Flock - Tinahely Arts Group - Doily The Sheep Being and her maker crack potDoily The Sheep, her crackpot maker with
friends Hedgewe and Sam
Tinahely Sheep Flock Launch

Irene Lundgaard 2012

It was a bitterly cold day, but fortunately there is no shortage of woolly garments in my wardrobe, so I wore most of it…