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International Crochet Month

March has for some years now been declared Crochet Month Of The Year in the US – and some of us have embraced this and see it as an International Crochet Month. I thought I would celebrate, not just by crocheting all day every day for the month of March (and the rest of the year for that matter) but also by highlighting and giving shout outs to a couple of the crochet sites that I really enjoy to visit and find inspiring!

First and foremost, I must highlight Laurie Wheeler’s Crochet Liberation Front website. Laurie is the Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front and has been blowing the trumpet for crochet in the yarn industry for years now and she has even set up a forum where crocheters can meet and chat on If you don’t know these two sites already I can only recommend that you check them out and sign up to become a member!

Hyperbolic Crochet at the beach on the island of Fur in Denmark by Irene LundgaardHyperbolic Crochet I at The Beach on Fur Island
© Irene Lundgaard 2011

Then there is the Crochet Concupiscence website, which has a wealth of inspiration every single day of the year. Kathryn Vercillo has a burning fire in her crochet belly and shares what she finds on her way with great generosity. Kathryn has even written a book called “Crochet Saved My Life” about how her crochet hook helped her heal from illness. I have not read the book myself, but I have read the reviews and they are good and all of us who work with yarn, I think we have an innate understanding of the healing effects there are in repetition and creativity.

Finally, there is Ravelry is a great yarn community with nearly 3 million users worldwide. The site is bursting with pattern ideas, groups that share the same crochet interests as you, or knitting interest or spinning or… I cannot recommend membership of Ravelry enough. If you are already a member or you are going to sign up, I hope you will hook up with me on the site and join my Ravelry Group, the language of the group is both Danish and English. Or you are welcome to “friend” me on my profile on Ravelry.

There are very many other inspiring crochet sites in this world, but they will appear here some other time. I hope you found these links as inspiring as I do and I hope you will hook this March and crochet loads and then some, I know I will!

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The Birthday Aftermath

There was cakes to die for at The Yarn Room yesterday, was being the operative word. When I left after a stint of some 3 hours this is what was left on the plates.

IMG_3022smallYummy Home Baking – Yarn Room Style

The place was packed with lovely yarnies and very many lovely faces were put on ‘Ravatars’. There was that Yarn Room buzz about the place that is so colourful and inclusive and not least inspiring with people bouncing ideas off each others. It is for a reason that the tag line on The Yarn Room logo is ‘- be inspired’.

This is one year later and I still pinch myself every time I go in the door there. I simply can’t believe I teach and work in this colourful and inclusive environment.

Speaking of teaching. The summer crochet class schedule at The Yarn Room is up and there is something for everybody:

Crochet Classes
Learn to Crochet – €25
• 23rd July 2010 – 3 – 5pm
• Learn the basic stitches
• Get started on your first project.

Improvers Crochet Class – €25
• 30th July 2010 – 3 – 5pm
• Learn new skills by working through a project of your choice.
• The class is small and focuses on the needs of the group.

Crochet Flowers – €25
• 20th August 2010 – 3 – 5pm
• Learn how to make attractive crochet flowers.
• You will need basic crochet skills to get the most out of the class.

Design a Crochet Hat – €25
• 16th July 2010 – 3 – 5pm
• Learn how to design and make a crochet hat. You will need basic crochet skills to get the most out of the class

Tapestry Crochet – €25
• Part 1: 24th July 2010 from 3 – 5pm
• Part 2: 6th August 2010 from 3 – 5pm
• Learn how to crochet Tapestry
You will need basic crochet skills to get the most out of the class

You can book online at The Yarn Room online shop or by calling the shop on Tel: 085 1303762

Crochet Ravelry Tunisian crochet

I Love Ravelry

Ravelry is the most exiting thing ever for a yarnie. If you don’t already know it then get to know it. It’s a web community for people who are passionate about fibres and yarns. It is a wealth of information on how to do all sorts of yarn related things, it is a fountain of completely mind blowing patterns, many patterns are even for free. And not least, it is a great community for forging yarn friendships across continents and oceans. It’s worldwide and it’s fantastic. I’m IreneLundgaard on Ravelry, what are you?