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2nd Prize – People’s Choice

Hyperbolic Tea Cosy for National Tea Cosy Competition 2012 by Irene LundgaardYesterday was the day that the winners of the National Tea Cosy Competition were declared and I hear there was great excitement at the event. I wasn’t able to be there myself, but my friend Sue was there and gave rave reviews of the entries!

The overall winner of the competition was superb and it was the right tea cosy to win! Absolutely gorgeous, it was made by Suzie Sullivan who had made The Tea Fairy. The other category winners were gorgeous and I’m proud to have had my tea-cosies exhibited alongside them.

Prize from National Tea Cozy Competition 2012What I am proud of the most though, is that my Hyperbolic Tea Cosy In Colour won 2nd prize in the Public Vote section! I’m thrilled to bits and thank all the people who took the time to vote for my entry! I really appreciate that very much!

Not only do I appreciate getting 2nd, I am also very pleased with the goodies that came with the prize, tea bags, biscuits and a cute little modern tea pot! It’s very nice to get a prize as well as the honour although the honour matters the most!

Thank you everyone!
The hook is sharpened for next year’s event!

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Another Cuppa Tea

Yesterday saw me high-tailing it into town to make the afternoon post, I had my two tea cosies all wrapped in pink tissue paper and carefully placed in a brown cardboard box. They were duly sent off to Karen who is running the National Tea Cosy Competition here in Ireland this weekend. I look forward to seeing ALL the entries. I have seen a few previews and let me put it this way, competition will be steep!

Hyperbolic Tea Cosy for National Tea Cosy Competition 2012 by Irene Lundgaard - side view Hyperbolic Tea Cosy In Colour – side view
Irene Lundgaard 2012

Hyperbolic Tea Cosy for National Tea Cosy Competition 2012 by Irene Lundgaard - top viewHyperbolic Tea Cosy In Colour – top view
Irene Lundgaard 2012

Hyperbolic Tea Cosy for National Tea Cosy Competition 2012 by Irene LundgaardHyperbolic Tea Cosy In Colour – front view
© Irene Lundgaard 2012

As you can see, my second entry is wildly colourful – perhaps on the scary side of crazy, but crazy is good, isn’t it? I believe all entries will be up on the Irish Craft Festival website or perhaps on Facebook, check them out!

hyperbolic crochet coral reef Workshop

Crochet Joy & Miles Of Knitting Too

The workshop today was an action packed affair oozing enthusiasm and ability and some serious creative attitude!

Crochet Workshop in Skive Denmark by Irene LundgaardA Seriously Creative Bunch at Skive County Library
Irene Lundgaard 2011

Breasts Support Skive Denmark by Irene LundgaardKnitted Pink Bow Supprting Breasts in Skive Denmark - by Irene LundgaardThe pedestrian area of the town was even festooned with bright pink ribbons to support breast cancer awareness. Or as they say here in Denmark, they had their Support The Breasts Day. There was  knitting tied as pretty ribbons about the town for many many meters and on the old Town Hall. Hours have been spent making this knitted wonder. On the Town Hall Square they had a globe of bras too! Great event that! Did you have your breasts checked lately?

hyperbolic crochet coral reef

A Colourful Week

This week is turning out to be a riot of colour and I thought I would share a bit of the colours that I have been surrounded by. Who knows, this teaser might just entice you to go and have a look at the pretty exhibition of The Irish Reef, which is created by some 100 people from all over Ireland and which we have just assembled in ‘the greenhouse’ for everyone to enjoy for the next couple of months.

The Irish Reef - Community Reef 3The Community Reef

The Irish Reef - Bleached Reef
The Bleached Reef

The Irish Reef - Toxic Reef
The Toxic Reef

The Irish Reef - Community ReefThe Irish Reef - Community Reef 2
The Community Reef

It is such a privilege to be part of this project. So very many people have put so much work into creating this woolly wonder and each time we put it on display I am humbled by it’s beauty while we try to make each piece shine.

The Irish Reef is on display until September 23rd, 2011 at ‘the greenhouse’, 17 St Andrews Street, Dublin 2. The exhibition is open from 9.30 to 5.00 pm on weekdays. Admission is free. Workshop schedule to follow.

Read about the origins of the project here.

Crochet hyperbolic crochet coral reef

Hyperboles & A Graffitied Fire Engine

Corn on the cob from corn yarnI have finally landed after a hectic week of fun and games in Denmark. It was a family time, but never far away from fibre related matters at any given time. There was Circus by the children, there was an 8th birthday, a christening, walks by the beach and then there was a hyperbolic crochet class in Duddine’s Aladdin’s Cave of a wool shop. At the entrance to the shop Duddine has donkeys on the one side of the lane and a yarn graffitied tree on the other side. Donkey work

Further down the lane Duddine’s husband has all sorts of old farm machinery on display, I have a feeling that the philosophy is that  wives like their husbands to be occupied while they browse the wool shop…

One of the items on display is an old clapped out Fire Engine which Duddine has gotten the mad idea to cover in yarn graffiti. You meet the fire engine a bit further down the lane and Fire Engine To Be Yarn Grafittiednobody who enters the shop are allowed to walk out without being encouraged to participate in this fun yarn project and I was no exception, so I was given 4 balls of the sustainable LOL yarn from Marks & Kattens made from recycled water bottles.

hyperboles at Duddines Vævestue FurBut before I got down to the knitting I taught a hyperbolic crochet class to excited and attentive crocheters who took to it like ducks to water. I love sharing the magic of hyperbolic crochet, the technique just presses all the right creative buttons in everybody who come into contact with it. It’s magic. I love magic, particularly the yarn variety and not least when it happens in a yarn shop full of fun colours and sustainable yarns, which is what Duddine focuses on.

After the crochet, I had a couple of hours to knit a bit and I quickly ran up the best part of 3.5 balls of the grey LOL which is going to help cover the box for the fire hose, I believe.
Knitting a fire engine

The fire engine was not yet covered when I was still there, but I have since seen photos and a wee video of the start of the covering of it. ‘Tis great craic and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Knit a Fire Engine - Fur - DenmarkThanks to Knud Peder Jensen for the photo

If you click the photo, you can see the video too! And yes, that is a man on the right and yes, he is wearing a lovely wooden hat which he turned himself…

hyperbolic crochet coral reef

The Irish Reef On The Move

The Irish Reef Poster - FarranferrisThere is great excitement among The Reefers these days as The Irish Reef is due for it’s first outing away from the East Coast as it is due for yet another home coming in Cork, where very many creative crocheters contributed to our lovely woolly wonder. It is going to Cork at Farranferris College and Green Works and the opening is to coincide with the Environ 2011 conference in UCC. It will run for no less than 3 months with the usual workshops on Hyperbolic Geometry, Marine Ecology and not least Hyperbolic Crochet.

If you are free to help with the exhibition set-up at the end of March 2011 or with the workshops during the exhibition (1 April – 1 July) please reply to this post and keep the dates free in your diary!
Also keep up to date with what’s happening on the Irish Reef website.

Grab the poster here and spread the word, please!

hyperbolic crochet coral reef

The Irish Reef Is Ready For Next Outing

Over the weekend very many very loving hands put The Irish Reef to sleep. It is back in its boxes and ready for a new adventure.

The Irish Reef in Tinahely

I compiled this little video of our beautiful reef during the exhibition at the Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely. The tune playing is called ‘Hyperbolic Guitar’ composed and performed by Dónal, who kindly allowed me to use the tune. Thank you Dónal.

It was such a privilege to have this wonderful exhibition on display at The Courthouse and it was only made possible due to the kindness and the hard work of very many people. Reefers, you know who you are, thank you! The approximately 100 Irish crocheters who created this woolly wonder are shown great gratitude with thanks too! Thanks is also extended to Shelley Hayes and Eamonn Phelan and all the helpful staff at the Courthouse and HUGE thanks is extended to Dave and Kildarson Ltd for sponsoring the printed material, transport and storage boxes as well as general moral support. And then there is the very special thanks that needs to be extended to Dr. Daina Taimina along with Margaret & Christine Wertheim. It is such a privilege to stand on the shoulders of such giants of female brains. And the Science Gallery, always the Science Gallery, who brought this wonderful exhibition to Ireland in the first place.

IMG_7752smallWe hope to find a permanent home for our woolly wonder and we hope to travel it around Ireland too. If you have ideas or contacts at suitable venues for another outing or better still, a permanent home for it, please send a mail to The Reefers Group with the details. You can find the contact details right here, on The Irish Reef blog or send a mail to

hyperbolic crochet coral reef

Another Dive On The Irish Reef

IMG_7478smallIMG_7483smallFriday morning we had some spook at The Courthouse Arts Centre as 27 scary pupils from Tinahely National School came for a dive on The Reef. They were so colourful and receptive. And they kindly gave me a beautiful flower and a lovely Halloween card to go with it. I adored the way they were appalled at the Pacific Garbage Patch and I was completely charmed when I was asked what movies the video kelp on the Toxic Reef was crochet from. Unfortunately, I  couldn’t remember.

They gave me a beautiful flower and a handmade card and helped me opening a coral submission for The Reef. The children were utterly charming – all of them!


The Irish Reef exhibition in Tinahely is coming to an end on Friday 29th and we had the last workshop of talks on Marine Ecology, Hyperbolic Geometry and not least Hyperbolic Crochet yesterday and we were blessed with an enthusiastic crowd. I didn’t get a picture of everyone there, but I did get a shot of some inspired crocheters.
IMG_7493smallHappy Hyperbolic Crocheters At Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely

Crochet Design Fun hyperbolic crochet coral reef Pattern

Twisting And Twirling

IMG_4774smallIMG_4730smallI have finally managed to load the Twisty Twirly Scarf pattern so that it’s now available on Ravelry. It took a while and a bit of ploughing through the help files… Reading the small print is obviously not my strongest point! The pattern doesn’t have a lot of small print, it’s fairly straight forward and definitely suited to a relative beginner.

You can look it up here, or you can get it on Ravelry if you are a memeber.

I love this scarf and I have already got one on the hook in a different colour-way and a different yarn too.

hyperbolic crochet coral reef Tapestry Crochet tinahely arts group

Congregating In Tinahely

Last night was Culture Night and my local village was teeming with activity. First of all, we launched the Tinahely Arts Group with a beautiful group exhibition, then there was crowd theatre, a play by a local playwright at the arts centre and not least an outdoor movie.

Congregation Vessel - exteriorCongregation Vessel - interior

final poster group exhibI entered my Congregation Vessel in the exhibition and it is sitting in a very beautiful congregation of fine art and craft work. Should you make it to Tinahely before Wednesday you can enjoy the exhibition too. It’s in the foyer of the Business Centre at the bridge in Tinahely. While you’re in Tinahely, you should go and see the Alterations exhibition at the Courthouse Arts Centre and most certainly have a look at The Irish Reef at the same destination too.

The beauty of being part of a group arts exhibition is that we have to invigilate… For me, that means four hours late this afternoon and evening, four hours where I will bring my hook and clock up some hours of crochet. Life is good!