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Live Life – Love Life Crochet Pattern Release

This pattern has been under way for quite some time. It could be argued that I have been procrastinating over it, although that wouldn’t be me to do that at all…

Live Life Love Life Bag By Irene Lundgaard advert

I actually really enjoy working this pattern and have another sample ready for photography once the light and the weather is more co-operative. You can read more about the making of the pattern and the bag here!

The pattern is available in UK as well as US terminology and it is also available in Danish.

I love the material of the bag and not least the sentiment of the writing on the bag. I hope you will enjoy this bag as much as I do too!

Approx 30cm x 30cm / 12in x 12in.
100g / 4oz Kauni Effect Yarn EQ;
1 x 50g / 2oz Einband Lopi 9028 – A or single colour Kauni;
1 x 50g / 2oz Einband Lopi 1770 – B or single colour Kauni.
Approx 60cm / 24in length of rope (approx 3-4mm / 1/8 in diameter);
2 D-shaped cane handles;
Approx 100cm / 40in of leather strap in contrast colour for tying on handle.
Hooks & Notions:
2.5 mm crochet hook, tapestry needle.
Tension: Approx 26 sts x 26 rows to 10 cm / 4 in.
Special skills:
This bag is worked in tapestry crochet. The design pattern is worked from a chart only, all other instructions are written. I would classify the level of difficulty as intermediate.

€ 3.50

The pattern will be sent to you by E-mail as a PDF-file ready to print with both UK and US terminology or in Danish if that is your chosen language. It will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

The pattern is also available in my Ravelry shop and can be found here: buy now

Crochet Pattern

Crochet Web For Halloween

I keep claiming that I don’t “do” texture in crochet and here I am working mesh for the best part of a month. First it was the Blue Morph hat, then it was my Word Catcher for Culture Night and now it’s colourful webs for the trees in the garden to catch the spirit of Halloween. I also claim not ever to work in man made yarn but that “rule” also seems to have fallen by the wayside as that is exactly what I have been working all these meshes in!

Catch Halloween Crochet Web in Garden Tree by Irene LundgaardCatch Halloween Webs © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I was inspired to do these webs as we are having a Haunted Halloween Walk in the historic Tomnafinogue oak forest on Sunday October 28th. I thought I would create some webs to decorate the trees about the place and with a spot of luminous paint, they could be quite spectacular…

Catch Halloween Crochet Web by Irene LundgaardCatch Halloween Web Detail © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I set to work making a pattern for the webs, it’s simple and worked in an acrylic yarn in a DK weight on a 4mm/G hook. I was able to make 5 webs out of 50 grams, so each one doesn’t take an awful lot of yarn and they can be worked in any yarn you like. I chose acrylic for added horridness in the making and not least because it’s often easier to get scary colours in acrylic yarn.

The pattern is available in both UK and US terminology right here if you would like some for your own garden.
Once you buy the pattern it will be sent to you by E-mail as a PDF-file ready to print. It will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

€ 2.00

Design Pattern

The Juicy Pink Cardigan

You may recall I stared playing with some Icelandic Plötulopi at the beginning of the month and how my notion of making something pretty in intricate lace fell by the wayside…

The Juicy Pink Thing in detail by Irene LundgaardThe Juicy Pink Cardigan – details © Irene Lundgaard 2012

Instead I worked with the colour and was true to myself and my simple ways, as I made a casual long fronted cardigan. It’s light and airy and I am sure it will flow nicely once I get it blocked gently.

The Juicy Pink Thing in motion by Irene LundgaardThe Juicy Pink Cardigan – show off © Irene Lundgaard 2012

However, for blocking I have to wait for period of no rain, which is rather hard to come by these days, so until then I show you a couple of preliminary shots of the cardigan which may just become a favourite. The yarn definitely is a favourite, as for the colour, well, shall we just agree that it’s on the pink side of juicy pink?!

Note: The cardigan is worked in Icelandic Plötulopi on a size 5.5 mm hook. The pattern will be simple and easy and it is in the making.

Crochet Pattern

The Poncho Tunic Thing

In January I started a poncho which morphed into a sweater and eventually became a tunic type thing… I finished it some weeks ago but never got photos taken to share. However, the other day I got some shots of it and thought I would share one here.

The Poncho Tunic 2 by Irene LundgaardThe Poncho Tunic © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I’m currently working on the pattern which will be released in it’s own good time. But for now, I simply just wanted to share the picture. It is nice and warm to wear and I have a feeling another one may just roll off the hook in other colours as the shape is quite flattering.

It was great fun to crochet this tunic, I basically worked each element three times before I settled on the design. There are still a couple of tweaks to do, but they can be done in the maths of the pattern. I’m quite excited about this sweater. It’s warm and I think it’s pretty too. Nice with a good feeling of achievement after a lot of crocheting.

The yarn used is the Irish Cushendale DK from Cushendale Woollen Mills. I would like to make a version in Donegal Soft DK although their colours are not quite as exquisite as Cushendale’s, if you ask me, but then that yarn is so soft…  Hard choice! Knowing me, it will be colour that wins. It always is. Every time!

Crochet Felting Knitting Pattern Purse

A Pattern In The Bag

In the autumn of last year I knit my Bonbon Bag with the view to releasing the pattern. It’s a simple enough bag to knit, but the writing of the pattern was less so – partly due to some rather illegible notes… However, I finally found the time to focus on writing up the pattern and I’m delighted to release the pattern for what I call my Bonbon Bag.

Bonbon Bag

Why bonbon? Because this is the type of bag, or purse might be a more accurate term to use about it, that lends itself to be made in candy coloured wool. Don’t you think?

Bonbon Bag by Irene Lundgaard Bonbon Bag © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I really enjoyed thinking up the playfulness of this bag. I’m sure it would be nice in a solid colour but I really like the happiness of the tassel and the joyfulness of the colours.

Note: Skills needed to make this purse include knitting in the round on circular needles and DPNs (or magic loop if you prefer) as well as being able to crochet. The bag is knitted and crochet and then fulled (felted) in the washing machine. The pattern is un-complicated as such, but not suited for absolute beginners.

The bags is worked in a 3 x 50 g of chunky yarn especially made for felting in the German Filzi yarn from Shoeller + Stahl and 1 x 50 g of ‘Austermann Creativ + Filtz’ in Aran weight. However, any chunky yarn that will felt is suited for this bag, I would imagine Alafoss Lopi from Ístex might be a good alternative, although that will need some shaving after the felting process as it is quite hairy.

The pattern is for sale right here!

Crochet Design Knitting Pattern Yarn Classes

Cabled Mittens And A Bit About Donkeys

I have this weekend free from commitments other than the ones that I have to myself and the household I live in. I love having a couple of days like that and it means that I finally had time to do calculations on the Lazy Cable Fingerless Mittens from last week and to double check them too, before I release the pattern into the wild, which I have just done on

Cable mittens purpleLazy Cable Fingerless Mittens © Irene Lundgaard 2010

I have worked the mittens in the lovely Aran weight Alpaca from Artesano. That yarn is simply just a joy to work and the heat that the alpaca generated is second to none.

I have only made the pattern available on Ravelry so far, but I will load it on the pattern page here very soon. I just need to get that donkey out of the way first! You see, I’m also trying to tackle a crochet donkey this weekend. I don’t know what it is about donkeys, but they really are awkward creatures which they have proven to be in crochet too…

Note: This pattern is now available for sale here!

Crochet Design Fun hyperbolic crochet coral reef Pattern

Twisting And Twirling

IMG_4774smallIMG_4730smallI have finally managed to load the Twisty Twirly Scarf pattern so that it’s now available on Ravelry. It took a while and a bit of ploughing through the help files… Reading the small print is obviously not my strongest point! The pattern doesn’t have a lot of small print, it’s fairly straight forward and definitely suited to a relative beginner.

You can look it up here, or you can get it on Ravelry if you are a memeber.

I love this scarf and I have already got one on the hook in a different colour-way and a different yarn too.

Design Fun Knitting Pattern

I Knit Too, You Know

I have just rooted out my nifty little set of short 3 mm DPNs for a few hats I want to make for the Innocent Big Knit in aid of Age Action Ireland as I might one day need some age action myself.

I was looking through my stash of juicy coloured yarns while I was at it and I fell over some Kauni Effect that might just work. However, the Kauni reminded me that I have completely forgotten to load my free knitting patterns to this site, one of which is The Rainbow Scarf that is worked in garter stitch throughout. A handy number, if you ask me.

The Rainbow Scarf
© Irene Lundgaard 2010

I have heard people saying that Kauni Effect is too itchy around the neck. Itch and scratch in yarn is never an issue for me but I did have a think about a possible alternative yarn that might be suitable and I think the fun Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Sock Yarn would be a real good alternative.

Having fondled the Kauni Effect and thinking you-know-what-present thoughts… I thought I would make the free PDF pattern available here. Click to get yours:  The Rainbow Scarf – by Irene Lundgaard

My other free patterns are available here!

Fun Pattern

A Bellyful Of Warm Tea

IMG_1632smallA long time ago I made a simple beginners pattern for a Tea Cosy. I made it in a turf brown Kilcarra Aran Tweed (can’t beat that yarn) with a pink tie. It’s an easy pattern but the other day,when I had the sample in my hand, I thought it looked terribly tired and miserable so when I came across an odd bag of ends of Aran weight yarn in my stash yesterday, I set to work immediately and this is what transpired.

I changed colour on every row for full-on colour funk while ensuring to crochet away the ends immediately, handy trick that! The yarn used is a bit of Kilcarra Aran Tweed, some Artesano Aran and some Létt-Lopi. The two ties are made from a couple of little balls of sari silk I’d forgotten I possessed.

The pattern is available for personal use for free and it can be downloaded right here! Enjoy your hot cuppa!

Crochet Design Pattern

Moonlight ~ a crochet body cosy ~

IMG_7188smallMoonlight ~ a crochet body cosy ~ © 2009 Irene Lundgaard

I finally got around to finalizing the pattern for this snug and warm crochet body cosy which is called Moonlight. It’s a poncho of sorts and it’s worked in 6 balls of Debbie Bliss Como which is a very chunky luxurious yarn made from 90% wool and a yummy 10% cashmere.

IMG_7199smallThe poncho is worked so that it reaches just below the elbows which means that the wearer has complete freedom of hands. The sample here is worked in the Very Light Colour. It’s one size  and it’s a quick crochet as it is worked on a size 10 mm hook. It’s suited for intermediate crocheters

The pattern is available here!