Tunisian crochet Workshop

Tunisian Crochet Workshop In May

I was approached by Ashla Ward a while ago with the view to having a Tunisian Crochet Workshop Weekend in May. Ashla runs a Knit and Crochet group in NUI Galway and booked me for the workshop. I’m delighted and really look forward to immersing myself in Tunisian Crochet and not least the wilds of Co Mayo for a weekend in May.

Ashla contacted me the other day and told me that there are still a few places left for the course, so if you are interested all the details for content and booking can be found below!

Essence of Mulranny Weekend 24-26th of May 2013

Dane's Tunisian Vest

The Cost
Accommodation and all meals (2 dinners, 2 lunches and 2 breakfasts) plus two full days of classes with Irene Lundgaard for €190.

About the Accommodation & Studio
Essence of Mulranny (EOM)

Overlooking Clew bay the EOM house and studio is set in beautiful Mulranny with a blue flag beach nearby. The owner Cheryl Cobern Browne is passionate about craft and the environment and is a welcoming host. All the meals are provided during the stay and Cheryl cooks healthy and delicious foods. The house is modern and spacious with 10 bedrooms including 3 en-suites and some shared bathrooms.  The class will take place in the round tower studio that Cheryl has built on the grounds to facilitate crafting groups. The studio will be for the use of group and is left open throughout the stay. ‘Making available the things I am most passionate about is not only a privilege, but deeply enriching for me too – every time.’ Taken from her website

Tunisian Crochet
Tunisian crochet is a cross between knitting and crochet.  The distinctive fabric created by this technique looks woven and has very many uses particularly in soft furnishing, bags and not least jackets as well as the traditional use of blankets. Tunisian crochet is typically worked on a long hook with a stopper on the end – similar to a knitting needle.

The techniques taught will be classical Tunisian Crochet and there will be an emphasis on colour work (including intarsia) and texture as well as an element of design.

Day 1 Basic techniques
Day 2 Working circular including designing your own hat or bag.

Materials needed
Double ended Tunisian Crochet Hook size 5 or 6 mm and Aran weight yarn in different colours.
A limited number of hooks will be available for sale at the workshop.

To book
Contact Ashla Ward, 086 1936620
or email

Crochet Workshop

Edelweiss Arm Band

I have arrived in Denmark and I’m busy finalizing the last few items for the workshops on Friday and Saturday. I thought I’d share a quick photo of one of the items that we will be working on on Saturday. It’s an armband in some lovely cotton and when my mother saw the flowers she immediately called them Edelweiss, her name is Edel – perfection!

Crochet Edelweiss Arm Decoration by Irene Lundgaard

Edelweiss Arm Band in Cotton
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

My mother is playing a blinder helping me out, she has sewn away A LOT of ends on my models for the workshops! That is what I call true love! Tak Mor!

Workshop Yarn Classes

Loads Of Crochet

I have been busy giving crochet workshops in Denmark and busy in my regular crochet classes here in Ireland too. So busy I have not been able to get my web page updated which is a disgrace as I have loads of news to share.

However, I will not be able to get to that until tomorrow afternoon, but I can tell you that it involves the mention of an article in the current edition of the new UK magazine SIMPLY CROCHET in which I’m delighted to feature – have you seen the magazine? It’s bright and cheerful and if nothing else, check it out for the paper quality alone – having a background in printing – I’m a sucker for nice paper!

I will also roll out my new regular classes as well as making suggestions for one day workshops that might be of interest to you. And then there is a whole other crochet venture which involves sales of select pieces of my crochet too.

Crochet Hillarity at Skive Bibliotek by Irene Lundgaard

Doing The Crochet Thing at Skive Bibliotek by Irene LundgaardUntidy, chaotic teachers workstation at
Crochet Workshop at Skive Library, Denmark
Irene Lundgaard 2013

In the meantime, I share a couple of photos form the workshops I did at the wonderful library in Skive, Denmark. As you can see, they were a busy lot! Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the beginner class on the Friday. They were a great and came through in flying colours with a great grasp of more than just the basics on the day.

Design freeform crochet Workshop

Crochet In The Bold Corner

It has been too quiet about this place for the last week or so, all due to much teaching of crochet and many very capable hands turning out well defined crochet stitches.

I am also busy preparing handouts for my next workshops in Denmark; or rather, I should be doing that as they do not just manifest themselves just because I have crochet the relevant samples. I have not yet mastered the art of printing them out straight from my brain – if you have found a way, please let me know.

As I said, I should be preparing handouts but my imagination ran riot the last few days and I started no less than four different projects, and they are all in a state of non-completion. I am being very bold and I had to send myself in the bold corner.

Freeform in Green by Irene LundgaardBold Corner Freeform Crochet © Irene Lundgaard 2013

That move proved counter productive and matters escalated in that corner as I found about 100g of yarn that just had to be crochet there and then. The crochet has absolutely no relevance to the workshops I am preparing other than I just may be able to turn it into a pretty cushion cover, that way it fits the crochet “Living” workshop I’m doing. Can’t you imagine this crochet stretched over a pretty piece of violet coloured silk? My imagination can, but I really do not have the time for these sort of ideas popping up in the middle of an otherwise well scheduled time plan. Fortunately, I don’t actually have enough yarn to complete the project – and I don’t have any violet coloured silk either. Yet…

I better get back to those handouts… Are you good at being disciplined or are you bold like me?

granny square Workshop

Granny Squares With A Twist

The Granny Squares with a twist is in development and I’m having good fun. There are another couple to roll off the hook before pattern and production can be set in motion, the colours are working well, I think and the only question is if I can twist them further.

How I love the creative process, to me it really is the ultimate journey!

Spiralling Granny Squares by Irene LundgaardSpiralling Granny Square Sketches in Cushendale DK
© Irene Lundgaard 2012

I have this notion that these should be made up with a warm red colour from Cushendale Wollen Mills, but my stash appear to have been diluted of that particular colour. I feel a trip to Graig-na-managh coming on this coming week! 

Crochet granny square Workshop Yarn Classes

Twisting Granny Squares Out Of The Hook

I have had a few nice days off and for some reason, the crochet hooks have been fairly idle too! However, I am preparing workshops for the new year and not least my regular classes which commence on Thursday January 10th again and last night an idea for some fun Granny Squares struck – Granny Squares with a twist at that!

Granny Squares with a twist by Irene LundgaardCushendale DK/Mohair © Irene Lundgaard 2012

Earlier today I dug out this palette of yarn – all from the wonderful Irish Cushendale Wollen Mills. I have just wound the skeins and I’m ready for take off! Wish me luck!

Asterix Asterix & Obelix Crochet tea cosy Workshop

Morning Glory Tea Cosy

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I could make her a tea cosy for a vintage teapot, which she was going to give away as a present. She showed me the teapot some days later and I was simply just inspired by the delicate China and not least the pretty colours.

Morning Glory Tea Cosy by Irene Lundgaard - 2Morning Glory Tea Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2012

Morning Glory Tea Cosy by Irene Lundgaard - 1Morning Glory Tea Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2012

My first thought was Einband wool from Ístex as the tea cosy needed to be made in something that would keep the tea warm – and what better than wool for that – but more importantly, the colours were to be just right too. I wanted it to add to the shape and delicate feel of the China teapot too so the yarn could not be too bulky.

Morning Glory Tea Cosy by Irene Lundgaard - 4Morning Glory Tea Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2012

Morning Glory Tea Cosy by Irene Lundgaard - 3Morning Glory Tea Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I like the result and think that the Éinband worked on a 2.5 mm hook does exactly what it should with beautiful stitch definition.

There is no doubt that the tea cosy is related to the one I did for the Asterix movie, the materials are the same and the relatively delicate feel is the same too. I worked some Forget-me-nots, Daisies and Morning Glories along with some leaves; wild and beautiful flowers.

I have this sense that more will be rolling off the hook sooner rather than later!… Yes, I’m inspired. Wonderful!

Tapestry Crochet Workshop Yarn Classes

Tapestry Crocheters Hatched

Today nine superb tapestry crocheters were hatched at the library in Skive in Denmark, another great day and I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Tapestry Crochet Workshop at Skive Bibliotek by Irene Lundgaard 7Tapestry Crocheters fully fledged Skive Bibliotek by Irene LundgaardTapestry Crochet Workshop at Skive Bibliotek by Irene Lundgaard - TeachingTapestry Crochet Workshop at Skive Bibliotek, Denmark
Irene Lundgaard & Hanne Seidenfaden 2012

The surroundings are bright, modern and steeped in sun and the staff and management at the library are second to none, helpful and ever encouraging for which I am very grateful. Special thanks are extended to Anette Dalsgaard, ever vigilant and always to hand,  helpful and making life so very easy for me as a tutor, she is looking after us all with delicious lunch, and a steady stream of goodies with tea and coffee all day! Tak Anette!

Thanks to everyone for a great day! And special thanks to Hanne for photography.

Now it’s on with the thinking cap to think up the next workshops, but feet up first!…

freeform crochet Workshop Yarn Classes

Brave Danish Crocheters

We had a great day of freeform crochet today at the wonderful library in the town of Skive in Denmark and the brave crocheters threw themselves at the task! I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Skive Bibliotek by Irene LundgaardFreeform Crochet in progrees at Skive Bibliotek Library by Irene LundgaardFreeform Crochet pupils hard at it at Skive Bibliotek by Irene LundgaardFreeform Crocheters in progress at Skive Bibliotek by Irene LundgaardFreeform Crocheters in progress at Skive Bibliotek by Irene Lundgaard 2Giddy Freeform crochters Skive Bibliotek by Irene lundgaardThe finer details of crochet by Irene Lundgaard 3Freeform Crochet Workshop at Skive Bibliotek, Denmark
Irene Lundgaard 2012

Lovely day! Really lovely day in a superb setting with super facilities. Tomorrow we’ll do beginner crochet and not least tapestry crochet! All set!

Workshop Yarn Classes

Free form Crochet Workshops in Denmark

Hækle Workshops Oktober 2012 Skive Bibliotek plakat - LørdagI’m currently preparing a couple of full day workshops at the end of the month. I have been invited back to the library in Skive in Denmark, where I will be teaching on Saturday October 27th and Sunday October 28th. The Sunday workshop is fully booked, but I believe there are still a few places left in the Free Form workshop on the Saturday.

I’m having great fun making a few samples of which I will show pictures later in the week when I come across some proper light for taking decent photos in.

Note: If you would like to take part in the workshop you have to contact Skive Library directly. Details can be found here!