Irish Bog Awards

Craft Blog Awards Short List

blog awards irelandMy crochet hooks are red hot these days as I work towards two crochet deadlines. Both are exciting commission jobs one of which will be public soon, but more about that later when I am allowed to be properly public about it too!

Last night, while I was crocheting as if to save my life  – in acrylic yarn – need I say more?! I was jumping in and out of Twitter, where I have an account and there I saw that the Grafton Media Blog Awards Ireland, 2012 Shortlist is out and to my delight and surprise I realized that my blog is on the shortlist for Best Craft Blog in Ireland. I’m humbled, surprised and very proud as I am in some seriously nice company on that shortlist, check it out! Not only that, I am also grateful to my nominees, very!

I see the results are due out at the end of the month – the excitement!!! For now though, it’s back to the hook to crochet some polythene… Yes, plastic bags, I told you it is some exciting commissions I’m working on at the moment! Tease, who me?